Daily Archives: April 10, 2020

April 10

Huh. Seems like Governor Nipple Piercings didn’t have much new to say today. Blahblah flattening the curve, blahblah, field hospitals, blahblah, waiting for tests. I WANT OUT! I FUCKING WANT OUT!
Forgive my outburst. I’m losing it.
Last night’s Virtual Happy Hour last over six hours. It got a bit chaotic. I’m thinking I’d enjoy doing my socializing one on one. (Or maybe two?) Open up the virtual bar and enjoy one “customer” at a time? If you’d be interested in that, let me know and we can schedule a time slot. And if there’s someone you’d like to sit at the virtual bar with, let me know who, and I can try and drag them in! How about today between 2pm and 8:30pm, when I’ll be competing in the first Quarantine Scavenger Hunt. I’m pretty excited about that! It’s all new, now, I guess. And I’m gonna keep trying new things to keep myself whole. I’d love your help!
Message me?