Daily Archives: April 8, 2020

April 8

Wow! Maybe it was that full moon, the PINK moon! Or maybe it was the hilarious gaggle of witches I wound up conducting my Full Moon Ritual with. But I am feeling refreshed and replenished! We had a blast! Who knew a vibrator could also be used to cleanse one’s aura? Hey! Smart witches know how to improvise! What excitement does today have in store?

Juuuusttt kidding! It’s gonna be one more day listening to the statistics, finding out who’s sick and who’s losing their marbles, and deciding what to heat up in the microwave. Today’s biggest dilemma: stay in my soft clothes? Or put on actual pants? Bra? Absolutely.

I’ll start my Happy Hour early today, at 4pm, so I can head over to the Burning Man Happy Hour at 6. The past few weeks have been pretty entertaining, with more than one “room,” so if someone is irritating you can cyber-stroll next door. (And you KNOW someone will be irritating because a). these are burners and b). just about everyone and everything is irritating now!) Join me for mine and you can be my plus-one for the next one, if you’d like. Check back here around 4:50 for the log-in info.
Meeting ID: 898 090 210
Password: 150865

And to my friends who are Members of the Tribe, Pesach Sameach. I sure wish we were all at Lucky, sharing shots of Manischewitz and nibbling on matzoh before heading to a delicious Passover Seder. Next year, friends, I promise. Love, health and sanity.


This is the closest I’ve ever come to “plating.” If I turn on my oven, kiss your loved ones goodbye. #covidcoping