Daily Archives: April 6, 2020

April 6

Uuugggghhhh….I am hungover…Huge thanks to DouglasMarthaMarianneBobJamesMelissa and Jen, who listened to me weep on the phone last night. (And to Naomi Mona, who had to WATCH me weep on the damn zoom thingie!) I’m not really sure what I said or if I was making any sense. But it was so good to hear your voices! No more vodka drinks for me. Best to stick with the lite beer.

I made it to the east coast virtual birthday parties but fell apart before the west coast ones. Apologies to Robin Hood and my nephews. And yes…I did just put Kahlua in my morning mocha…which I am drinking at noon. Holding on by a thread, folks. How are YOU doing?