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April 5

Hi! Are you bored? WHO THE HELL ISN’T!

Then, may I present:
Welcome to Simile Sunday!

If you don’t know what a simile is, it’s “a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid (e.g., as brave as a lion, crazy like a fox ).” [Dicitonary.com]

My favorite simile, from Pat Conroy’s Prince of Tides: the Spanish moss hung from the trees like the secret laundry of angels.

Send me your favorite! Or make one up! Here’s my made up one: Her ass (MY ass, actually) had been sitting on the couch for so long, the flesh was tufted like the buttoned upholstery of grandma’s settee.

Feel free to play all the other “are you bored” games people have been posting! Or pick the most annoying one! Post your results here! Because I am bored!

Before we go down THAT rabbit hole, we are doing our weekly Team Mighty Darling Virtual Lucky Happy Hour. Sandy and Joe will be “broadcasting” from their Brooklyn couch from 5 till 7 this evening. Join them for musical ephemera and tales of East Village rock ‘n’ roll! I usually take over at 7 (or 8 or whenever they wrap up) if you’re looking to hang out a little later. Check HERE for log-in info at 4:50.

Meeting ID: 460 212 4776
Password: 611779

Okay, here’s a LIST of a bunch of are-you-bored time-wasters!
1. Simile Sunday (see above)
2. List 10 things you don’t like that everyone else does like.
3. List 10 concerts you’ve seen but one is a lie.
4. Show us the 7th/24th/57th photo on your phone.
5. What alcohol are you? What state should you live in? What is your spirit animal? What movie character should you play? What’s your doll look? What movie stars do you resemble?
6. Take a picture of the “food” you just “plated.”
7. List 5/10 famous people you’ve met but one is a lie.
8. What are you doing/have you done while stuck at home?
9. Cut and paste….ALL THE THINGS! Let’s try What countries have you been to?
10. Play I’m in a mental hospital
My roommate is:
Licks the glass:
Helps you escape:
My Psychiatrist:
Asleep in the corner:
Shouts at everyone:
Padded room occupant:
Calls for a unicorn:
Wearing a straight jacket:
Needed shock treatment:
Praying for everyone:
Causing a riot:
Reading a self-help book:
Eating their toenails:
Dancing around the room in a tutu:
Has a creepy smile all the time: