Daily Archives: April 3, 2020

April 3

The giant New England Patriots truck pulling up to the Javits Center loaded with 300,000 masks for our healthcare personnel made me cry!
There isn’t much good news out there, is there? The numbers, higher every day, are depressing as hell. The idiocy of so many politicians around the country is appalling. Thank goddess we have Governor Nipple Rings!
I don’t have much to say today. Just waiting to hear when the next level of lockdown is happening. Hoping you are all safe and healthy.
I’ll be doing another Virtual Happy Hour later today around 5 or 6 so check back here for the log-in info.

Meeting ID: 589 067 073
Password: 995287

I’ve been enjoying them the most when there are only three or four of us because we can actually have a conversation. I’d be happy to see your faces and hear your voices! Even if only for a moment or two! But I understand if you’ve hit your overstimulated, over-communicated wall! We are all so deep into our own bullshit that it can be difficult to see the daylight, myself included (obviously). SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU!