April 2: Pandemic Edition

Welcome back, friends! It’s been three years since I’ve posted here. I’ve been mostly just using Facebook to spout my stories and opinions. Given that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, I thought I’d use this platform again, since it’s a more searchable medium. With that, I give you April 2:
What’s on my mind? Oh. So, soooo much. I started my morning reading all those articles I just posted. Trying hard to digest enough info to keep me informed without costing me my sanity.
Yesterday I had a meltdown after I did laundry. I touched my clean clothes with my gloved hands. WERE THERE GERMS ON THOSE GLOVES? NOW MY CLOTHES AREN’T CLEAN. I had to get out of the house and walk around. A friend did a drive-by and gifted me a couple N95 masks. (MADE IN CHINA! ARE THERE GERMS?!?!) I saw Gareth and Rabbit and Keith and stood in the sunshine and had a beer on the sidewalk. (YES! We were six feet apart!) It made me feel SO MUCH better. Then I came home and got onto the Zoom Burning Man Happy Hour and when that was over I wound up on a really fun virtual meet-up with far-flung DPW friends. SO GREAT! So what started out as the worst day I’d had turned out to be the best. (The beers helped.)
I had also hit my Zoom wall the night before. I simply couldn’t face the process of sounding all chirpy and positive and scheduling another Virtual Lucky Happy Hour. And ya know what? No one even missed it. No one…NO ONE checked in on me. NO ONE emailed or texted or messaged or anything to see if there was going to be one…if I was okay. Now THAT was super depressing. (This is not a call for sympathy or attention or whatever, merely a statement of fact.) Yes, I wound up not depressed but it took seeing ACTUAL humans in the ACTUAL flesh. And it made all the difference in the world. So now my question is, should I even be bothering to do these damn Happy Hours? I dunno. They WERE keeping me sane (and the two last night SAVED me) but are they helping anyone else?
I am a social being. A VERY social being. I need human interaction more than food. More than sleep. Take a look at that accompanying photo. My March calendar? And my April calendar? We are all staring down the barrel of an empty, human interaction-less future. Who knows for how long? It is causing me near-insurmountable distress. So I’m back online, foisting yet another virtual Happy Hour on you. Stay healthy, friends. And stay sane.

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