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April 30

I have been completely fascinated by the variation of reactions I’ve witnessed among my friends and acquaintances. They range from quiet acceptance and comfortable compliance to conspiracy theories and panic-stricken lashing out. The range of coping mechanisms have been equally interesting: from stubborn denial to domestic baking, realistic reposting of sound articles to questionable YouTube links.

But most striking is the disparate human behavior. Some friends have literally not left their homes AT ALL since they were instructed to shelter in place. On the other end of that spectrum are the people who are out in the world, working — whether they’ve been deemed “essential” or not — as well as those who choose to exercise or explore or otherwise get outdoors every day. I can tell you, as someone who falls somewhat in the center of said spectrum, that getting outdoors, for ANY reason, radically skews your experience of the circumstances. Merely seeing other humans going about their lives, LIVE (as opposed to on the TV or computer screen), gives you a whole different perspective. No judgement. Just fact.

Along with these differing behaviors come differing responses to the actions of others. Some remain silent while others are maniacally wagging their fingers. As I’ve admitted before, I’m usually a super Judgey McJudgerson but, during all of this, I’ve (mostly) attempted to rein in my scolding. Everyone is where they are, on any given day and on a moment-to-moment basis. If I walk past someone who isn’t wearing a mask, I either turn my head or walk into the street. Why bother harassing them? Either they don’t believe masks are “a thing,” as demonstrated so distressingly by both our president AND vice president, or they simply haven’t gotten the memo. Yes, perhaps they are horrifyingly selfish individuals, but is screaming at them through MY mask going to change their behavior? Probably not. Why waste my scant reserves of energy?

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today! Thursday! And the last day of April! Thank you for reading through all that (if you actually did)!

Please join Pinky for her weekly Thursday Virtual Lucky Happy Hour today at 6pm. We usually “hang out” till at least 8pm.
Meeting ID: 859-0419-2790
Password: 539156

And tomorrow we’re having a Virtual Mother’s Day Market! Buy gifts for Mom — or yourself ! You can even have a Mother’s Day card sent in your name! If it goes well, we will be doing more, with more vendors! Get in touch if you’re interested in participating!


Adorable sketch of a sadly shuttered Lucky by Delphine le Goff

April 29

Uuuugh! I’ve come to the conclusion that my daily mood is mostly based on what I encounter every morning on Facebook. If I read depressing articles and see alarming levels of insanity in my friends’ posts, it makes it difficult to get out of bed. If I read something uplifting or optimistic and people seem to be feeling okay, I, too, feel optimistic and okay. Today? People are losing their collective minds. Scolding and shaming, paranoia and finger pointing, and an article I didn’t even click on: “These are the good times — compared to what’s coming next.” Nope. Not gonna click on that, even if the guy IS a Pulitzer Prize Winner. I need HOPE, motherfucker!

I’ve already picked several fights on Facebook and it isn’t even noon yet. I may require medication. But yesterday? It was a warm, sunny day. I went out for a walk and sat in Union Square Park with a friend (WEARING MASKS! SITTING APART!), handing off a bag of fabric for mask making. I saw the Blue Angels fly overhead and consumed more fresh produce than I probably have since…since never. It was a good day!

Today being Wednesday (yes, I’m still keeping track!) I’ll be cyber-attending the weekly Burning Man Happy Hour, so there won’t be one of mine. Tomorrow? We’ll see. But on Friday you’re invited to both the Virtual Mother’s Day Market and my Beltane Celebration. Please put this on your calendar!

April 28

Well! It doesn’t really matter how miserable you may be FEELING, it is a glorious spring day in NYC! Get your ass outdoors! Put aside your hatred of the maskless and stand in the middle of the street if you have to! There isn’t much traffic so the likelihood of getting hit by a bus is WAY down! Did you look skyward for the Blue Angels? Hate on them instead. YES! It’s a total waste of money. But whatever. I saw them and it was SUPER cool. (I’ll admit, I do have a soft spot for military might. As, apparently, do many of my neighbors. I sure wish they could’ve coordinated the fly-over with a pot-banging session!)

“If you’re not scared to be here, you’re not human,” says a nurse, quoted in a NYTimes article, referring, of course, to NYC. That must make me an android, because I am not afraid. I’m also not working in a hospital, so there’s that. But why would I be any more afraid here than anywhere else during this insanity? They keep telling us the virus knows no boundaries. I believe New Yorkers are a braver bunch, anyway.

I’ve grown weary of some words and phrases, so let’s retire them, shall we? I don’t want to hear “unprecedented” or “uncertain times.” Since when were “times” ever “certain?” And I find “social distancing” to be completely depressing. Whaddaya say we go with “safe socializing” instead? It’s far more positive! The accompanying photo is me — smiling, can you tell? — engaging in “safe socializing.” That’s what we call seeing our neighbors, here in the big city, folks, so save your scolding. Lucky you to live somewhere that you never see another soul (maybe?) but here, where we’re packed in like sardines, just getting from point A to point B will result in seeing familiar faces. Even if they’re obscured by masks. And if we stop and say hello, admire a newly acquired puppy, or compliment someone’s pandemic styling, so be it. Bite me.


Many, many thanks to Stacie Joy, who captured this shot. She has been documenting everything, all day, every day, including what stores are open and how well their shelves are stocked, as well as the many faces of the folks on the front lines. She and E.V. Grieve have been providing incredibly valuable information to locals! And if you want to see an ever-updated of “what’s open” here in the neighborhood, check out East Village Community Coalition’s awesome map:

My apologies for the somewhat lengthy post! Maybe the sunshine is inspiring me! I’ll be doing a Virtual Lucky Happy Hour tonight from 6 till 8 (at least). It’s been a bit! And keep an eye out for Suzanne‘s Virtual Mother’s Day Market. She’ll be hosting an online Zoom shopping experience. If you’re a vendor, get in touch! Also, I’ll be hosting a Beltane event on Friday. It’s a celebration of summer and fertility and love and flowers! Buy yourself a bouquet or a plant and get ready for an uplifting ritual!
Meeting ID: 822-5497-0123
Password: 038905

Have a wonderful day, friends!

April 27

I’ve never been a big fan of Mondays. They’re especially unpleasant when it’s miserable out, as it is today. Compound that with the fact that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, locked into isolation for who knows how much longer, and our ever-informative governor nipple rings hasn’t even mentioned when bars and restaurants might reopen in his grand back to business plans. The result is a depressive inertia I’ve never before experienced. No. I’m not alone. Well, technically, I am QUITE alone, TYVM. But my troubles are universal. I know. I just need a moment to mope, I guess.

In more proactive news, I’m a board member of EVIMA, a small business organization, and we are holding a Zoom meeting today at 4pm that is the start of a very local strategy for how we can get back to work. The meeting will be mostly a webinar-type structure, with the limited ability for interaction and participation based on the number of people in attendance. If you would like to join us, scroll down for more info.

I will be hosting an “after-meeting,” for people to cybermix ‘n’ mingle, which I’m sure will rapidly devolve into a much-needed bitchfest. People want to commiserate. If you are a small business owner, manager or other interested party, please join me sometime around 5pm, depending upon when the previous meeting ends.
Log-in info:
Meeting ID: 828-3239-9417
Password: 068879

We hope this email finds you well. Join us this Monday for our first Merchant Meetup where facilitator and resolution expert Tauno Biltsted will provide techniques to help you cope with the present crisis. We will also be discussing the future of an East Village Recovery Plan

We’re inviting you to join us to discuss how local businesses and organizations in the East Village can plan for recovery and how we can help each other survive and adapt. We believe this will be a good opportunity to discuss practical ways forward for the recovery of the East Village.

Our Merchant Meetup is planned for Monday April 27, 4-5 pm. We’ll start this first session with a sanity check on this whole situation and take it from there!

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Please share with your neighbors and colleagues.
Click here to register:…/regi…/tJIvdO-hqjwtGdaq5ip5y1z7-qar4tzdagdd

EVIMA’s overarching mission is to create a strong and diverse business environment that sustains the unique character of our neighborhood and serves the East Village Community. #vivaeastvillage

Tauno Biltsted, our guest panelist, is a native East Village resident. He has been involved in facilitating community conversation and building creative consensus for over 25 years. Using techniques drawn from mediation, motivational interviewing, conflict coaching, trauma-informed counseling, and participatory facilitation, Tauno works to assess current dynamics, seek creative solutions to complicated problems, and develop plans for deeper collaboration.

WeLocals Inc is a 501(C)3 non-profit that provides tools to communities and local businesses to encourage people to support all things local. We do this because we know that this makes the communities we live in stronger and more vibrant.

April 26

It’s a gloomy Sunday, with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. That suits us just fine. We are watching Cuomo talk about the reopening plan and trying to be optimistic, but realistically, we won’t be able to get back to work for at least another two months, based on the tentative phases. We have been mulling over the many alternative business models we might use to make things work and have come up with some pretty radical ideas. Who knows what directions Lucky will take? We just want to get back behind that bar…
Yesterday was the best day since this whole load of bullshit went down. We ventured out and stood in the sunshine, seeing the faces of Lucky’s friends and regulars. Yes, they were partially obscured. But you could tell they were smiling. We were ALL smiling! It was a beautiful day on every level! It literally gave us life. (And yes, we social distanced…yes, we wore masks…yes, we were safe and smart!)
Tonight’s Virtual Lucky Happy Hour is your weekly Sunday Sandy & Joe Show! They’ve really been keeping up their schedule, giving their friends and regulars something to look forward to. Join them!
Here’s the log-in info for tonight’s Zoom:
Meeting ID: 821-4724-1211
Password: 476784
Enjoy your Sunday, friends! And if you’re missing the Lucky jukebox, look up the Luck On B playlist on Spotify! Cheers!

April 25

Yippee! It’s the weekend? What? You mean it isn’t Wednesday? Whatever. But it IS beautiful! I’m gonna brave the spitting joggers and other entitled, unmasked millenials (or whoever they all are, including one of my dear friends) and get out into the glorious sunshine. It’s supposed to hit 60!

Yesterday I helped host not one but TWO Virtual Lucky Happy Hours! First was Sammy Sam’s French Soiree, live from Marseilles! There was cheese, bread, an adorable beret and even one of those cute striped shirts! Tres fantastique! A few hours later, Alex and Maegan hosted from their apartment above their store on East 12th. I’m really enjoying having guest hosts. It takes the pressure off of me and I get to meet new people!

While “watching” Alex and Maegan, I gobbled down a pint of boozy ice cream by Tipsy Scoop, the first of four sent by the thoughtful Lisa Belsky! She asked that I report back so I am pleased to say that the Vanilla Bean Bourbon was DEEEElicious! I didn’t feel much initially but about a half our later I was pleasantly, sleepy-buzzed! I’m not sure an ice cream drunk is sustainable, however. I don’t think I can make it through TWO pints, though I might give it a try, for SCIENCE! Stay tuned! It might be smarter to have the creamy treat be either the beginning or end of a drinking binge! And NO, I am NOT going to put ice cream into coffee!

Alrighty then! Who’s up for a late afternoon Zoom? I’m not sure what kind of shape I’ll be in when I get back from my adventure out into the real world. Check back here around 6pm and see if I have the intestinal fortitude to open up the virtual bar. Enjoy your day as best you can, friends!

April 24

It’s only 9am and I have already gone out for groceries. For the first time in over a month. There wasn’t a line so I waltzed right in. Everything looked safe and clean and the employees were friendly and working hard. I felt like falling to my knees in front of them. But I wanted to hustle! Everything was stocked and organized and, aside from my debit card not swiping correctly, it was a fairly pleasant experience. (If you’ve ever been to Key Food on Avenue A, that’s saying a lot, even under the best of circumstances!) I’m glad I only live across the street because $182 worth of food is really heavy! And now I know how cavemen felt after venturing out onto the frozen tundra for the hunt, dragging the carcass home!

Yesterday’s virtual birthday BBQ was super fun but it was somewhat painful being in NYC and watching all the CA people actually barbecuing. In the sunshine! Grrrr…. Pinky hosted our Happy Hour and people hung out till about 10pm. That was another Zoom-full day!

So what does….uh, Friday? Yeah, Friday have in store? The lovely Samantha Pantha will be hosting French themed afternoon event — well, evening where she is! Grab a bottle of wine, some cheese, put on a beret? 1:45 NY time! Then, later in the day, join Alex (Lucky’s Saturday night bartender) and Maegan for their Happy Hour, 6 till 8. They’re gonna play some games — with prizes! — and talk about their awesome eBay auction of vintage clothing that’s been decorated by local artists. Check back here for the log-in info for each event! Now I’m gonna relax after my big game hunting morning!


April 23


Thurblurgsday…and I’m slightly hungover. Last night’s Virtual Burning Man Happy Hour morphed into my New Moon Ritual around 10pm and lasted until 1:45am. That was almost a full eight hours of Zooming for moi. It included me cleansing my motherfucking aura. Everyone setting realistic intentions. And a warm, supportive atmosphere. I SWEAR! We also decided that pickle juice is our holy water. So be ready for the Church of StAbby! All are welcome! Heh. I’m sure if I were to ever actually form such a disorganized religion, the government would immediately start taxing them all, so that alone might be proper motivation!

It also got more intense than I’d anticipated, with tears over the menacing way mask wearing makes everyone appear as a prospective enemy and then news of a friend’s suicide. Both clear indications that there are other damaging results from our circumstances than all the “flattening the curve” statistics alone reveal.

Today I’m attending a west coast zoom birthday BBQ. I wish I had something — anything — to faux-BQ but I’m grateful to have a bucket of cole slaw, so I can enjoy a proper BBQ side dish! That party is at 4pm NYC time, so I’m planning to open up the virtual bar at 6pm. Join me! I really missed everyone on Monday and Tuesday, which I took “off” to binge watch more Ozark. Pinky will be your host today so there will be a convivial crowd and I’ll likely be doing my “lame living room workout” in the background while the rest of you drink. Cheers, friends!


April 22 – New Moon

Watching CuomoVision and it’s Day 53. I’m so proud of my city. We are hunkering down and doing this. As opposed to storming our state capital with AK47s and ridiculous demands for haircuts. I mean, really? Thousands of people are dying and they’re worried about haircuts? Survival of the Smartest (TM), my friends! Let’s stay smart!
I thought I’d moved through the stages of grief to acceptance but I woke up this morning smack dab in denial again. How is this all even possible? It would be laughable, this waking up in a Stephen King novel, if it weren’t so fucking terrifying. I really can’t believe it and I’m living it. Stupefying.
So what does today have in store? Aside from more of same? Burning Man Happy Hour happens at 6pm and it’s one of the few things I look forward to each week. It is also a New Moon tonight at 10:25. I held a Full Moon Ritual a few weeks back and I plan on holding a New Moon Ritual tonight, so check back here for the log-in info. It was a total hippy-dippy, witchy thing (and totally out of character, I was told) but, well, there you have it. I’m a closet hippy AND a closet witch! Given that it is also Earth Day (Happy 50th, Earth Day!), there will be a nod toward Mother Earth. Prepare for your personal ritual by doing a bit of research, thinking about intentions you’d like to set, and gathering whatever tools you will need. At the very least it will be an intimate gathering. Hope to see you!
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April 21

Blerggedy blerg! It’s Tuesday! But we’ve got a thunderstorm to look forward to, so there’s that… I haven’t been a total lump while home. Look at the silly Bingo game I created! Of course, this morning I saw someone else post something similar. Sigh. Guess I should’ve gotten on that creativity thing on day 2, eh? Whatevs. Mine’s cuter cause I used fun fonts! Feel free to play along…with yourself!

Last night I binge watched Ozark instead of hosting a happy hour. It was kinda lonely but it also wasn’t a drain on my energy. I think I’ll take another night off. Though I may pop into the 6pm Burning Man Zoom thing where we’re supposed to talk about how the BMOrg can survive and thrive through the pandemic. I’m not quite as concerned about BRC as I am about NYC, especially since the burner community is such a strong one. But you know how much I love being able to put in my dos centavos! So we’ll see. Maybe when that meeting “adjourns” I’ll be in need of a decompression! Check back here around 9pm to see if I changed my mind and decided to do a last-minute, later-night virtual bar.

I hope you’re holding it together out there, friends. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. And I cannot WAIT till this shit is OVER!


If the companies renting equipment don’t give a moratorium on that rent, there will be no bars or restaurants left to rent to. If landlords don’t offer a moratorium on rent, their spaces will sit empty, along with so many others. If the government doesn’t offer assistance, millions of people will not just BE out of work but REMAIN out of work. Small businesses are a huge chunk of the economy, especially in circumstances where Amazon can’t fulfill the order. How do you recreate community from a fucking cardboard box, stamped with an inane “smile”?