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March 31

Good morning! Er, afternoon? Is the sun up? Sigh. Life is blurring together a bit, like that watercolor in the rain song lyric (Singer: Al Stewart, Songwriters: Alistair Ian Stewart / Peter John Wood)… I’ve been marking time by what’s on network TV, enjoying the early morning antics of Kelly and Ryan (live from their living rooms!) and Cuomo’s press conferences. While the news is sobering, it doesn’t seem as dire as predicted a week ago. So there’s that! I’m searching for every little kernel of hope I can find! Some days are darker than others and I expect there will still be dark days ahead. But knowing all of you are out there, impatiently waiting until we can all “bend elbows” together again is keeping me sane! If you’d like to virtually bend elbows with me today, check back here at 5:00pm. It’s been life-affirming seeing you all online. Have as great a day as is possible, friends!
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March 30

Two weeks ago Cuomo shut down all bars and restaurants. It feels like months. And months are what we may be looking at.

I’m not as worried about “business” as I am about our collective psyches. At some point, the economy will slowly grind back into gear. But who will we be? WHAT will we be? Will we be able to sit together again, side by side, and kibbutz the way we once did? Will bars become like coffee shops, with six feet separating everyone staring at their devices? The thought of my intimate little neighborhood oasis becoming merely a shelter for solitary souls is an enormous source of despair for me.

As the country’s big thinkers discuss the myriad possible outcomes, I’m listening closely to the concept of “calculated risks” and wondering if, at some point, people will be willing to risk infection — or death — in order to live a somewhat “normal” life. I’m almost there already, if I am completely honest with myself.

Anyway. Those are MY complex thoughts on this gloomy Monday morning. Here’s hoping your thoughts are far more optimistic. I’d love to hear them! And see your smiling (or weeping) faces! Perhaps at today’s Virtual Happy Hour? I’m setting today’s hours a bit earlier. Check in here for the log-in info at 4pm. I’ll stick around till at least 6pm and longer, if people are keeping me company!
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Stay safe and sane, friends!

Yesterday’s Virtual Happy Hour “lewk”: it’s Halloween!!


March 29

Ack! What I wouldn’t give for a deliciously spicy bloody mary, served with a sunny smile by Lucky’s Sunday Sandy. Sigh… Instead I guess I’ll have to settle for a warming mocha and the memories, as well as the sincere hope that we will all be together again once this insanity is over, toasting our collective resilience.

I’ve really been enjoying the daily Virtual Lucky Happy Hours, with new people from all around the country — and the world — popping in to say hello. They‘ve ranged from two hours to ten, depending upon participation. Today’s event will be hosted by Sandy and Joe, so you’ll get your dose of team Mighty Darling from 5:00pm till 7:00pm, NYC time. Stop by to see them! I’ll likely leave the virtual bar “open” even later if people are still coming and going! Check back here at 4:50 for the Zoom log-in information!
Meeting ID: 918 637 612
Password: 436527

I love you and miss you, SO MUCH, friends! We are such social beings. These circumstances are stressful for everyone but somehow more impossible for those of us who usually survive on daily human interaction. I would LOVE to see your smiling faces, if only transmitted over the zeros and ones of the interwebz. Take care of yourselves!

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March 28

Happy Maybe You Should Put On Pants Day! What? You’ve been wearing them all along? Pajamas don’t count!

I was happy to hear that many of you enjoyed yesterday’s post about the Lucky jukebox Spotify station and hope that it got you moving while improving your mood!

I’ve been keeping up the Virtual Happy Hours and plan to do another today. A few of you showed up too late. I apologize; Zoom logs me out if it’s only me online so once everyone leaves, I close the virtual bar. I’ve been setting starting times but not ending times so the hours today will be from 4pm till 8pm. That should give all of you in different time zones plenty of time to stop by. Check in here at 3:50 for log-in info!
Meeting ID: 571 803 210
Password: 878478

I’d be thrilled to extend the hours if anyone is still hanging out. And I would REALLY love it if someone would step up to “host” so it isn’t just me trying to hold down the virtual fort. Private message me if you’d like to be a host! Sandy and Joe will be hosting again tomorrow, 5 till 7.

Sorry I don’t have anything more uplifting today…just this boring instructional missive. Sigh. Okay. Better go put on some pants! Stay sane, friends!


Current mood. Tune into my daily virtual happy hour to hear what that sounds like. #coronacoping

March 27

Thank gawd it’s….uh, what day is it? Friday. Yes, Friday! Not that it matters… How’s your brain? What about your corporeal being? It’s a beautiful day. If you’re able (and brave enough) get out and take a walk. It really REALLY improves one’s mood!

Ya know what else improves your mood? Wonderful music! The Lucky jukebox is jam-packed with amazing music. Do you miss it? Well I’ve got JUST the thing! I’ve been compiling the Lucky jukebox Spotify station since we opened and YOU can access it. Every time I go to work, the songs lift my spirits. It’s simply impossible to be grumpy when these songs are on! So get onto Spotify and search for “Lucky On B.” There are 485 songs! That’s 30 hours, 34 minutes of amazing music. Put that on and clean out your closets! Or start that creative project! Take a run or just sit on your ass and visualize a healthy future where we are all able to live our normal lives again.

I miss you LIKE MAD! And I hope you’re holding it together. Be safe, be healthy and be sane, friends! And if you want to join today’s Lucky Virtual Happy Hour it is scheduled for tonight at 7pm. Download Zoom and check back here for the log-in info!
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Today’s run in the afternoon sun.

March 26

Today is Thursday! And no, this is not a nightmare. Well, it IS a nightmare but, sadly, we are awake. WIDE awake. And all doing our best to hold on to a shred of humanity…sanity…hope. I’ve been finding hope with the daily Cuomo press briefings. I’ve been finding humanity via social media posts about the heroes and the hard workers (and, surprisingly, this damn Budweiser commercial). I’ve been maintaining my sanity with daily contact via my Virtual Happy Hours. I invite you to join me. Not quite sure of the hours today yet, but likely around 4-ish. Check back here later today for exact time and log-in information. For now, watch this. It’s pretty great. Clever, moving. Love to you all, friends!
Get into my ZOOM ROOM!
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Password: 031615


Meeting ID: 286 664 938
Password: 031615

Apparently I have moved on to the final stage of grief: hating everyone and everything. Taking my peanut M&Ms to bed. Good night.

March 25

Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday.


TOPIC: Who do you know is sick? Have you been sick? NO NEED FOR NAMES. Let’s just see how deeply it has penetrated our communities.
Download Zoom.
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My apartment is immaculate. Well, as close to that as it ever gets.

I have projects being delivered. Guess I’ll let that cardboard sit for 48 hours first?

I went for a jog yesterday. A. JOG. Clearly, it is the end times.

I also “put up” some bitters (see photo).

Yesterday’s virtual happy hour lasted 10 hours. TEN. Some of it was just me and Pinky, puttering around our apartments. It was nice to have “company.” Tonight is the weekly (now virtual) Burning Man Happy Hour from 6 till 8, so if I do one of my own today, it will be 4 till 6. Check back here at 4.

Check out my horoscope affirmations for yesterday’s New Moon. I think the words are inspiring for anyone or any sign.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

With this New Moon, I build community through every avenue I have access to. I check in with those that tend to get lost in the shuffle. I make sure my strong friends get a chance to tell me if they aren’t doing so well. I make sure my friends that struggle in the best of times know that I am a lifeline. I take my friends up on the support they offer in return.

Moments like this are a reminder that we are all we’ve got.

As I navigate this moment, I pay special attention to the courses of study that call me. I feel a calling to commit to learning something that will stretch my self-awareness. I am ready for the teachers that I need to appear next. I need not feel pressured to take any particular path right now, but investigating the ones open to me is important. I allow myself to wander around the halls of the schools of thought that can help me hold the experiences I have had, am having and will meet up with somewhere down the line.
(via Chani Nicholas)


So, how are you guys feeling, physically? Are any of you struggling with COVID-19 personally? I’ve heard about a number of friends who are sick as well as people a step or two removed (socially) being hospitalized. Considering the rate of exposure, especially here in NY, I encourage you to not be ashamed to discuss it. I want to check in on you. Let’s check in on each other! I’m about to “open the bar” for another Virtual Lucky Happy Hour at 4. I’ll be “open” till 6, when the weekly (now) virtual burner happy hour begins. Let’s make today’s topic “Who is sick? Who do we know is sick? Who do we know that’s gotten better?” NO NEED to name names. Just get an idea of how deeply it has penetrated our communities.
Download Zoom!
Meeting ID: 994 768 298
Password: 041792

March 24


Okay! Today I’m gonna start my Virtual Lucky Happy Hour at noon. Yup! I’m gonna “open” the virtual bar at the usual time that I’d be opening the actual bar.
Join me? I’ve been doing this a few days/nights now so I’m kinda over hovering in front of the camera. This is gonna be like a real bar. I’ll welcome you in but I’ll be busying myself, doing stuff, stepping away (to pee, which is normal, maybe take a shower, which is NOT, but hey, nothing’s normal anymore), maybe take a phone call. It’s gonna be up to YOU all to interact! You know, like at a REAL BAR! So get off of your gizmos and talk to each other! Woohooooo! Come on in!
Here’s the log-in info:
Meeting ID: 402 450 449
Password: 017033
Photo from my morning jog to appease the algorithm gods! YES MY MORNING JOG!!!



March 23

Happy Monday?
How is everyone? Seems like a few of you are getting a little TOOOOOO close to the rabbit hole! Step AWAY from the rabbit hole! Call or text or message or email!
Yesterday, After 5 asked me to post a new blogpost from my archives each day. In her honor, I offer you “Pricks On Parade,” the post that gave her PTSD! Be warned, it is NOT safe for work. But who’s at work anyway? THERE ARE PICTURES OF PENISES! IT IS GROSS!…/…/02/pricks-on-parade/
Also, I just posted the GoFundMe campaign for Lucky’s staff members. I realize this isn’t the best time to be asking people for money. If you’re in as bad a spot as all the other gig/freelance/parttime/otherwise under-employed, move along. But if you have a few bucks to spare, my people could use your support. Lucky loves you!
Lastly, I’ll be doing anther virtual Happy Hour at some point this evening. It’s keeping me sane. Stay tuned here for more details later this afternoon.

Ooookay! Let’s see. Where are we today?

I’ve cleaned my bathroom. Created a GoFundMe for the Lucky staff. Called and texted and emailed and asked a few “business inquiry” people ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? And I took a shower! And I am actually eating a meal!

I’ve been careful about over-posting or freaking out. I feel pretty good, all things considered. Maybe my personality type is perfect for having no fucking idea what the hell is going to happen. More so if it’s true of the whole damn planet instead of just ME! Hah!

What’s on tap for tonight? Let’s do another Virtual Lucky Happy Hour, eh? I’ve been enjoying them. I’m thinking 8pm tonight. I’ll post the info here once I “open” the meeting! Stay tuned!

While you wait, watch these Italian mayors yelling at people. I’m not sure the captions are right (do Italians say “fuck” that much?) or if they are even real mayors, but it’s funny either way.

Here’s the info:
Meeting ID: 847 412 148
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March 22

Last night I posted about NOT cooking and people have been offering culinary tips. Yeah. Ain’t gonna happen. But I won’t starve. I promise! If I have to live on Nutrament, Lean Cuisines, and bags of peanut M&Ms, I’ll survive!
Back when I was blogging, I decided to make my love of ramen and limited cooking abilities into an art project. Since all we seem to have right now is time, here’s a little bit of light, hilarious and sodium-saturated reading! Please read the comments. People were SERIOUSLY worried about my health! Hah!