Ticking Time and Trolls

Yes, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I’ve had the good days and bad days, as mentioned in my previous post. Friday the 18th was a good day. The IndieGoGo campaign was doing really well and I’d only recently posted about feeling incredibly buoyed. E.V.Grieve published an interview with me about the bar. Which was super exciting! And then, I broke the numero uno rule of the interwebz: I read the comments. Nooottttt a good idea. My elation immediately plummeted to earth…and then down a few miles into the substrata. If I thought it was odd that people trolled my little blog here, that was nothing compared to the sort of trollage that takes place in a far more public forum. People were hating on me, on the bar, on the backyard, on my consultant. It was all pretty evil.

Complaining about noise from a bar that isn’t even open yet seems pretty pointless but complain they did. Bitching about “yet another bar in the East Village” was equally ridiculous, as this space has been a bar since 1989. Hardly “yet another.” Just one that’s been. Most alarming, however, was the uptick in traffic here. Yes, the article linked to this blog, probably something I should’ve requested not happen. Though I’m so easily Googleable I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered. Now those hateful trolls and anti-bar temperance nutjobs know my deepest and darkest secrets. I never expected my neighbors to be so interested in my menopause symptoms and dating tribulations. Hm. Not only am i an “ego maniac,” I’m also positively riveting! Guffaw.

So, welcome, then, to all you new trolls! As for updates about the bar, it appears to be only a few more bureaucratic checks away from actually starting the renovations. WOOT! And the IndieGoGo recently edged over the halfway mark: $10,539! Double WOOT! In the meantime, I’m shoveling in chocolate and chips like there’s no tomorrow and scribbling scary numbers onto scrap paper. I’ve scrubbed, dusted and reorganized my apartment to the point where I don’t want to ever have company over again. DON’T WASH YOUR HANDS! YOU’LL MAKE A MESS! Yes, I know this will all be over and forgotten in a few excruciatingly long months and I’ll be so busy juggling all my new responsibilities that I’ll long for the days of blogging and bugging out. But for now? Man, I just wanna be open. I want to hear the “ka-ching!” of the cash register. I want to hear how the mix CDs sound on the jukebox. And see how the logo looks on the door. It cannot happen soon enough. Blerg.

4 responses to “Ticking Time and Trolls

  1. Well Abby, the vast majority of your neighbors are friends and we all love you and can’t wait for Lucky to open!! Looking forward to it.
    Don’t change a thing – not you, not your new venture, not a thing. Keep on truckin’ baby, enjoy the ride.

  2. One of the harder parts of building is having the tease of the finished product forever dangling in your mind. I’m finding the writing a book is a lot like building a house — or opening a bar, I would imagine. Book signings and ribbon cuttings seem lightyears away. It’s hard to imagine finishing the cabinets in the kitchen when your digging the foundation, but you’ll get there. The Golden Gate Bridge took twenty five years from first drawings to opening ceremony. Here’s another way to look at it. There’s not too many our age that get to have the thrill of the unknown looming once again. That’s usually reserved for the kid trekking the country in his clackity car packed with all his shit and a hundred bucks in his pocket. That nervous pit in your stomach is actually a sip from the fountain of youth — bitter-sweet and nerve wracking.

    Trolls are people that are locked into conformity prison cells, and your drive shines a light on their feeble surrender. They hate your guts.

    Tick Tock, indeed! The ka-ching will happen, because it’s a fortitude like yours behind it!

    All my love, my dear –



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