Jewels of Wizdom Perks

Jewels of Wizdom by Karey Nation
Karey’s necklaces are chunky and sparkly and beautiful! Check out more of his wares on his Facebook artist’s page.
To buy one of these and contribute, click here. This/these are still available!

IMG_7873 IMG_7872
1. Teals & Teardrop Pendant

IMG_7870 IMG_7871
2. Purples, Blues & Peace Sign


3 responses to “Jewels of Wizdom Perks

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  2. I forwarded this page to a neighbor who is looking for someone to make a piece of jewelry with polished agate that she inherited from her grandfather… I couldn’t find how to purchase through your indiegogo link. Do you have an Etsy or Zibbet store? Zibbet used to be free, but only allows for 10 or 15 items being listed at a time. Please let me know how my neighbor can contact you outside of Facebook. As always, keep up the awesome work and have fun!!! 😎👍

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