Feeling Incredibly Buoyed

The past few days have been humbling. I’ve wept with gratitude. And marveled at the depth and breadth of support I have from my community.

Tuesday night at 8:55 EDT I launched my IndieGoGo campaign for Lucky. Since then, 114 people have “backed” my beautiful bar vision and deposited almost $7,000 into the kitty. A good chunk of that is money people have donated with no request for a “perk.” I cannot express just how incredible this is. Of course, I am super excited about this project. I am even more excited that so many other people seem equally excited! Some of whom are total strangers! And I am sincerely humbled by the level of belief people have in me and the future success of my bar. Truly. It is so surprising.

I have a crystal clear vision of what I want this bar to be and a keen understanding of why “my people” need this bar, now. So many people feel displaced in the East Village these days, but people also feel displaced in New York City and, more broadly, in America. It goes deeper than drinking. The current climate feels very “us vs. them” and it is so disheartening. I hope to create a place where people who’ve felt “other” elsewhere feel comfortable and at home.

Friday night I was photographed in the semi-demolished space by Stacie Joy. The shots will accompany an article about the bar coming out sometime this coming week. I am bracing myself for the hate because, well, haters gonna hate. And I know what while I have the support of my community, there are no doubt others who won’t be quite as supportive. There are people who hate bars in principle. And there are certainly people who don’t particularly care for me. I’ve never been someone who people were jealous of and realize that I am now in a position for that to happen. Sure, it’s easy to hate on my cautiously optimistic and unbridled joy or side-eye it with cynicism. I’ve experienced that same shallow “screw you and your giant smile” myself. It’s a dark side of the human condition, I suppose, and one we all try to suppress. One particular person went so far as to “unfriend” me, an aggressive move that could’ve more easily been an “unfollow” if they found my effusiveness offensive. Whatevs.

Back to the happy stuff! The momentum is thrilling. I’m madly keeping track of who wants which perk, recording t-shirt sizes and email addresses and ordering the stuff so I can pop it all into the mail. Fulfillment is gonna be sooooooo fulfilling! WOOT! I hope everyone will be patient with me because I’m a one woman operation here!

Anyway, here’s the link for the campaign: “I’m Opening a Bar! What’ll It Be?”

Keep an eye on it! I’ll be updating it with different videos (all silly gems, I assure you) and fabulous new perks as my awesome artist friends make their wares available! MWAH!

4 responses to “Feeling Incredibly Buoyed

  1. I’ve never understood the whole “Haters gonna Hate” thing, due to the fact that most of them are haters themselves. Don’t worry about them. They’re jealous. They are not your clientele or audience. They will never step into your establishment. You have the dream and are making it a reality (and a successful one at that). Focus on those who feel the same as you do.

    Ya know, once the haters realize what hypocrites they really are, they may end up stopping by for a drink after all, realizing what assess they really are….

    Jeff in Richmond…..and no, I wasn’t the guy in the Craig’s List story you posted a few weeks ago, who found it funny, amusing, and confusing all at the same time…..

  2. Dame Abby! This is so sweet! How much would a 7 minutes in heaven perk cost? Saludos, Ron portfolio/CV: ronherczig.com

    “Getting up early all the time makes you stupid. You gotta get some sleep.” ~ Kafka, the Metamorphosis http://www.audible.com/pd/Classics/Change-Audiobook/B014X9O4K0?ref_=a_search_c4_1_3_srTtl&qid=1441890152&sr=1-3


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