You Can’t Rush Perfect Timing

hurryMercury is in retrograde so it’s probably just as well that the lawyer part of the bar-buying process is still dragging on. It sounds like the closing will happen right when Mercury goes direct. Which is a good thing, since during the retrograde period it’s best not to sign any contracts. So I’m continuing to obsess about the songs and CDs for the jukebox, what sort of wacky drinks to serve and whether or not to tile the bathroom with pennies. I’m doing my best to be patient. This will be a long process. As Ariel said, “You can’t rush perfect timing!” Uh-yup.

Today was going to be domestic bliss — grocery shopping. cleaning and the gym — till I got a text to cover a shift at Double Down. A good thing, since my wallet was pretty much empty. It’s been a while since I’ve been behind that bar but most of it came back to me easily. Can I say, I love to bartend. LOVE TO BARTEND! When Ariel came in and said, “You look 17 behind that bar!” I loved it even more. It is, most definitely, my milieu. There were a couple people there through my entire shift. I got there around 1:15 and they were there when I left at 8:15. That’s an impressive haul. There were young professional, muggly dudes and bike messengers, employees from other bars and people who live around the corner, single 20-somethings and I even had a visit from an old friend who’d posted on Facebook that he was lunching at Katz’s. Ya just never know who’s gonna walk through the door. Ahh. So good. And that extra wad of cash isn’t too bad either.

When I got home, my Burning Man Thank You card was in my mailbox. It’s always nice to receive this little missive of appreciation. They have card-signing gatherings and anyone’s welcome, which means a few dozen people sign each one. Stickers and stamps augment the “You’re awesome!”s. Which means I wrapped up my day with dollars and adulation. Oh. And some leftover Chow Fun. Tomorrow? Grocery shopping, cleaning and the gym.

4 responses to “You Can’t Rush Perfect Timing


    I needed to read this today…..I forgot about the retrograde which would explain a lot… If you are going to tile the bathroom with pennies, I can tell you the cleaning product for it to keep it good without killing yourself to make it look good. I work / have worked in commercial construction maintenance so I know plenty of tricks and products without breaking the bank. Also if you did it in a design, I think that would be pretty cool. It also seems like everyone but me goes to the gym….then again not everyone has a vein condition and has to wear compression stockings but….I think I need to start exercising, does lifting a drink glass count lol

    • Even if you only stretch, movement is good for you and will help maintain your ability TO move! It also helps with mood, I’ve found. Maybe you can help me with the pennies!

  2. A true story of New York bars: I got a last second invitation and went to the wrap party of John Waters’ film Pecker at a bar in the West Village. The bouncers and I were the only people in suits. Everyone else was under 30. Everyone–men and women–were drinking Cosmopolitans. I said to the twenty-something female bartender who was handing out Cosmos: “Give me a Jack Daniels on the rocks, straight, four ice cubes.” Her very pretty face pouted in disappointment. “I don’t know how to make a ‘Jack Daniels'”, she said. Astounded, I leaned over the bar and pointed, “See that square brown bottle. It’s Jack Daniels whiskey. Pour it straight out of the bottle into a glass, and add four ice cubes.” True story. New York needs you. Love seeing you at the Double Down, although it’s been a while.

  3. Closing a day with dollars and adulation, and leftover Chinese? That’s a good day. Huurah!

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