A Bit of (Bar) Back Story

So I’ve been thinking that, given I may not have the time (or the patience) for the online dating blather soon, maybe what I will blog about is the process of starting a whole new life. At 56. Dunno if it will be as compelling but, well, it’s what I’ll be going through and this blog has always been about that! I know Jeff might be disappointed (sorry, Jeff!) and I won’t be ruling out dating altogether. Meaning if someone asks me out, I’ll certainly go! But if I’m gonna have a new life, a whole new frame of mind might be good too!

Anyway, the beginning. Last January a close friend of mine died. I still haven’t blogged about it because I…just can’t. Yet. Maybe never. Plenty has been written about grief. Probably more eloquently than I could muster. I’ve never really had to deal with it. Relatives have died, yes, but never anyone so close to me. This death — my grief — motivated me to look for a “kick in the ass.” Years ago I did the whole Lifespring thing and I wanted to experience a similar “reset” so I took the Landmark Forum course. It provided me with so many “ah-ha” moments. The same few days I was taking the course a friend called to ask if I wanted to buy a bar his company was thinking of selling. I asked my sister, “Hey, wanna buy me a bar?” Surprisingly she didn’t say no.

That series of events set this whole thing into motion. I had already been researching the business and interviewing bar owners, taking notes and receiving “homework” from people. It’s been a long journey, one that obviously is far from over. I’ve made an offer. Nothing is inked yet. It could all fall through or I could be holding the keys by next week.

Stay tuned. Gulp.

3 responses to “A Bit of (Bar) Back Story

  1. I still have a hard time accepting he is gone and being this week is so hard as it was his birthday, this post made me smile, bc I know he would love that your doing this.

    I am excited for you!! I know that, like with every artistic endeavor you enter this will be one more thing that will allow you to shine and let so many others experience all the wonder that is Abby that we have known about for years. I am excited for the roller coaster ride your going on, and like everyone else that loves you, friends/family………..we are all here to help and support you in what WILL be a success……..congrats on diving in and not dipping ur toes…its been a long time in the making…..its going to rock. I also have tons of construction and electrical contacts and such from working in that field for a long time so anything you need along those lines let me know.

    so basically, I am proud of you and he would be 2. His Irish Eyes are smiling

  2. Thank you. It has definitely been a tough week… I’ll be in touch!

  3. Woop! Wherever this journey takes you I am in. Fingers crossed. Xx

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