Fuck Time Warner

I just spent one hour and 24 minutes speaking with four different Time Warner employees. I now have no wifi and a technician coming tomorrow to hard wire my laptop to the Internet. Because the wifi isn’t free with the Internet connection. The wifi is $5.95 per month extra. And the modem that gave me wifi is an extra $8 per month. I can’t wait to see what the guy is gonna have with him tomorrow. I’m envisioning a giant metal tube. To connect me to the Internet.

Fuck. Time. Warner.

Seriously. Why can’t I get Fios? 

5 responses to “Fuck Time Warner

  1. um what fucking morons, I can setup wifi from a router, any linksys will do…and makes your wifi free..why didn’t they tell you that…dumbasses. LMK and I can pop over and set it up for you no problem. Just need to stop at staples to pick up router.

    • The guy is coming tomorrow. I guess I’ll be getting a different piece of equipment. Frankly I don’t need wifi. All I have is my laptop. They’re just dumbasses.

    • Yeah we have TW. Just get the regular modem and buy your own wifi router. In fact you can buy a modem ($80 at CostCo) and then all you pay for is the service. They stink. Fuckin monopolies.

  2. It has to do with monopolies of areas. Buy your own WiFi router (we just got ours at Best Buy for like $65) and plug that into the modem and then dont pay them the extra.

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