Daily Archives: November 29, 2015

Playing with Fire

It’s probably not too surprising that I know a lot of fire performers. It might be more of a surprise that I met many of them before I went to Burning Man. I know it’s stating the obvious but entertaining with fire — fire fans or fingers, swallowing it or spinning it — is a dangerous

Keith-and-Stephanie-with-curtain-flat-300x198.jpgThe first people I knew who played with fire with Keith and Stephanie of The Bindlestiff Family Circus. Keith was just learning and he was a little bit…singed. Now, decades later, they perform and teach and have pretty much mastered being a circus.

11409_10152366452702676_4147967447071203412_n.pngWhen I produced the event I consider my Pieta, I booked Flambeaux and his human candelabra installation. He has been creating artistic performances incorporating fire for quite some time and recently informed me that I was the first person to book him! I kinda couldn’t believe it. His productions have continued to grow and in both size and complexity, as the photo clearly illustrates. He is definitely the P.T. Barnum of fire.

I’ve booked Claire de Luxe as well. Her areas of expertise are “fire theatrics, stilt dancing and LED acts” but she’s also an instructor, so if you’re looking to learn fire spinning, she’s the best place to start!

Ilise, aka The Lady Aye, is the “Sweetheart of the Sideshow.” Along with fire eating, she is a human blockhead, an escapist and a super sexy sword swallower!

Once I got out to the desert, you couldn’t walk 10 yards without tripping over a fire performer. It was the more personal, “just for us” shows by my fellow DPW crew members that impressed me. Niko is definitely one of the most talented spinners I’ve ever seen.

I could probably go on but I’m gonna wrap up. It’s been a long holiday weekend with a lot of drinking!