Daily Archives: November 28, 2015

Capturing the Crowd

Yes, as everyone with a laptop is a writer, everyone with an iPhone is a photographer. Being a fine art photographer is obviously different. And being an event photographer is a talent and skill that’s different in another way: Blending in as a member of the crowd, shooting what’s happening without getting in the way, both participating and working, isn’t an easy balance. Here are two gentlemen who manage it perfectly.

11218912_10152962863911364_1785275607246608097_n.jpgNeil Girling is one of the official photographers for Burning Man. Along with John Curley, he shoots the DPW Parade and captures us at our most epic. He’s responsible for the all-com shot before the parade starts, as well, which is closest to a class photo that we have. The above pic is a close-up of this year’s. He’s on-site at all of San Francisco’s coolest stuff: Cirque Berzerk, Kinky Salon and the Anon Salon soirees.
Ed Barnas is sort of the official photographer for the many local burlesque events. His web site is primarily beautiful women who artfully disrobe. But he also comes along on our Brides of March, the Mermaid Parade and SantaCon and every other crazy costumed crawl. He captures us in our epic finery as we take to the streets of New York City.