The Art of Color: Robin & Grayson

12105936_10153019032256364_5679308538037451694_nMy friend Robin Hood and I go back over a decade, when we both had eyes for Johnny Irish. If you’ve ever been to her home, her talents are obvious: creating a warm and interesting space. She is a wizard with paint and faux finishes, wielding her paintbrush on everything from walls to the welded metal of 12095313_10207335586963558_5292529117362369334_oBurning Man-bound art projects. She can fool the eye into seeing bark and brick, gold and alabaster, fish scales and distressed leather. She even helped me give my apartment a spectacular coat of teal. Most recently, she has been expanding into exteriors, working on a few grand of San Francisco’s grand Victorian homes. Beyond painting, she has helped on enormous art projects like the Flaming Lotus Girls’ “Mutopia” and “Temple of Flux.” I love me some Robin Hood!

13a6773I met Grayson Handy  He offered his beautiful space to Pinky and I when we needed a place to hold an “art opening” for our hats and headpieces. The storefront for Prudence Designs & Events was the perfect backdrop for our bright colors and varied textures because that is Grayson’s art form, expressed most eloquently with flowers. He and his partner, Arturo Quintero, have “helped thousands of clients — 348s.jpgincluding fashion designer Tracey Reese, actor Tom Cruise, comedian David Letterman and performer Sandra Bernhard — bedeck their homes and events with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements.” They’ve also received loads of accolades and been featured in all sorts of media.  In 2009, Grayson’s book “Flowers for the Home: Influences from the World Over,” was published by Rizzoli. In addition to exuberant floral designs, “Prudence features exclusive pottery, original artwork, pillows & throws, home furnishings and accessories, and vintage/antique furniture.”


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