Daily Archives: November 14, 2015

C’mon, People Now, Smile On Your Brother…

Everybody get together try and love one another, right now…..right now….

In light of the world’s current lunacy — which is, sadly, not that different from last week’s (or last year’s) lunacy — I thought I’d spotlight some of my friends whose art form is gathering people together. The alchemy of putting people into a room together — be it a living room, bar room or ballroom — is an exceptional talent, one that can’t be learned or cultivated. You’ve either got it or you don’t.

unnamedSari Rubenstein and Chris Thomas have been curating Rubulad, “a community of artists and entertainers” with its corresponding art and music party, since 1993. In a sea of soulless warehouse events and overpriced parties serving up tiresome EDM in room after room, these two strive to offer a more nuanced and textured nightlife experience. By adhering to their vision, Rubulad remains one of the few events that attracts an eclectic audience, eager for surprises.

v_GSloft1Larisa Fuchs, of Gemini and Scorpio, has transformed a derelict loft space in Gowanus into a refuge for creative nightcrawlers, absinthe afcionados and period costume enthusiasts. Per the web site, she has hosted “theatrical performances, art shows, photo/video/television/film shoots, benefits, talks on curious topics, hands-on artistic experiences, craft sales, fashion shows, movie nights on its giant roof, music showcases, audio recordings, art & science lectures, dance classes — and of course parties.” Larisa’s weekly email blast about not just her events but similar, simpatico soirees, is an invaluable took for those seeking nightlife that’s a little different.

MG_0033Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova have been investing years of sweat equity into the newest incarnation of their experiment in community collaboration, House of YES! “Bushwick’s performance art nexus” features soaring ceilings to accommodate aerialist acrobatics and 7,000 square feet of space, making it, truly, a “temple of expression, dedicated to community, creativity and celebrating life.” Aside from bringing together crafters and costumers, seamstresses and circus performers, these two dynamos are skilled themselves in all those assorted arts. In sharing their dream, they have inspired the dreams of so many others and their beautiful brainchild promises to be a home to theatrical extravaganzas for years to come. Bookings for December are being accepted now!

Sheila and Kenny started Chemistry in 2006 in response to Manhattan’s mostly misogynistic and male-centric swing party scene. Since then they’ve been gathering a “sexually enlightened” coterie of sensual seekers in assorted elegant spaces. The event “encourages the organic development and respectful connection between playful spirits.” Having attended, I can attest to that being an accurate description!