Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

Random Thoughts + Mike and Bunnie

Random thoughts:

• I love the way a subway train pulling into the station makes my hair blow around. (On a good day, at least.)

• Readjusting to Reality Camp is difficult and humidity sure doesn’t help!

• Manhattan seems oddly…quiet to me. Yes, bustling around during the day, with ambulances and cop cars whizzing by, it’s cacophonous. But lately, lying in bed, I can hear the leaves rustling outside my window. 

• Restrooms in NYC aren’t as sanitary as one might hope when one is trying to brush and floss. 

• Someday I hope we can “write” by merely thinking something. Today we speak into our phones and send those words through the ether. Wouldn’t it be great to “take notes” by just thinking “take a note”? I have so much going through my head all the time, being able to get it down on paper — or into zeros and ones — more easily would be amazing! My memoir would, literally, write itself! (Though so would everyone else’s, I suppose…)

• I’m not sure that, when I started this month-long celebration of awesomeness, I mentioned the intent behind it. Since it’s a month of gratitude, what with Thanksgiving and all, I wanted to make note of things for which I’m thankful. Beyond the obvious — my supportive family and close friends, my health, my home — I am most grateful for the extended community of which I’m a part. Just in case I wasn’t clear. Or maybe you were wondering! On to that, then!

1442542117105Ack! I’m not sure how I forgot, when writing about DPW friends who are photographers, to add Michael Garlington! Though he considers himself a sculptor first, and builds amazing structural art, Mike’s photographs are an integral part of his three-dimensional works. This year he outdid the soaring height of his 2014 piece, “Photo Chapel,” with “Totem of Confessions” (above), which made for an impressive blaze. It was the site of a ritual including Timothy Leary’s ashes and Susan Sarandon‘s wedding dress. (You need to see her bit on Jimmy Kimmel, talking about working on the project. She’s rad.) He has created a number of “art cars,” rolling galleries of his work, sealing his photographs onto vehicles. One of them, “Van Ego,” was a “Fluffer” van, one of our DPW fleet 1426535841253trucks. I was lucky to spend an afternoon being one of his subjects, the results of which is an amazing shot of me. (I was thigh-deep in a cold stream, attempting to appear ethereal.) I can’t seem to find a digital version of. Damn it! Well, since I can’t find that, I’ll share one of my favorites by Mike: artist Bunnie Reiss in a trunk.

DSC_6099And, well, speaking of Bunnie, why not spotlight her today too? Juxtapoz profiled her online yesterday so I’ll jump on that bandwagon! She is a painter and a quilter, a textile and installation artist, and a muralist, all utilizing a kaleidoscopic palette. Everything she does has a a childlike wonder to it, so it’s no surprise that she’s publishing a children’s book. Plus, she blogs! If you’re in the Bay Area, check out Bunnie’s exhibit in San Francisco at Campfire Gallery, opening on November 14. And tell her StAbby says hello!