Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

Words, Dust and Doodles: Catherine, John, Laurent, Brooke and Soigné

The streets of Manhattan are providing me with the serendipitous suggestions for who to spotlight here!

Yesterday I bumped into Catherine Burns, the Artistic Director of The Moth. She’s been involved since it was a small storytelling soiree and shepherded it to the global, multimedia behemoth it is today.

Today I went to MoMA to see the Picasso show and Soigné Deluxe was there, keeping the tourists from setting their bags down on the sculptures. I’ve been enjoying watching do a doodle a day this year.

Of course, Facebook is the best way to keep an eye on what my friends are up to. The biggest treat is always the visual beauty that scrolls by.

John Curley is the unofficial photographer of DPW. He captures us at our most epic: in the parade, at the 4:20 Spire, Golden Spike to Golden Stake. When he’s not shooting in the dust, he’s working under far more favorable conditions in San Francisco and Marin. His eye for wedding photography is as keen as it is for TTITD. You can find him in his many guises here:
Professional Site
His PhotoBlog
On The Burning Blog

Laurent Martin is another photographer I met through DPW. He shoots “weddings and adventures” with his wife Helena and the results are always stunning.
Their Professional Site

The third and final DPW wedding (and probably adventures as well) photographer is Brooke Buchanan. When I met her she was driving heavy equipment in the desert. Now she’s a mom in the East Bay but she’s still creating beautiful imagery with her camera.

Shit. Now I’m worried that I’m forgetting a DPW photographer. Hrm. Well, there’s always tomorrow!