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Secrets of the Pyramid: Black Lips Performance Cult

Okay, back to the serendipity. Sorta.

Last night I attended the closing reception of “Secrets of the Pyramid” at the Howl Happening Gallery. In addition to the visual art on the gallery’s walls, Brian Butterick, aka Hattie Hathaway, the show’s curator, produced eight (eight!) productions in the space. That’s a lot. And unusual for an art gallery. I mean, usually you get a couple nights of free wine bookending an exhibit. In this instance you were offered the opportunity to see some of downtown’s most notorious performance artists. The finale was no exception.

It was wonderful just to be in the gallery. So glamorous! And so many familiar faces! Some of whom I once spent every Saturday night with but haven’t seen in a decade. It was like a reunion. Rather than try and explain who everyone is and what they do, I’ll say they are all performers. They write. Costume. Create. Sing. Dance. And, truth be told, they’re partially responsible for people paying millions of dollars to live in the East Village. Because they made it cool. So here they are, last night’s performers, just names with links. Consider this a history lesson in New York performance art. And keep clicking beyond these links. They don’t really tell the complete story. Of course, if you get the chance to see any of these people live, even better.
Kembra Pfahler
Poison Eve aka Psychotic Eve
Marti Domination
Genesis P. Orridge
Genesis P. Orridge on Wikipedia
Black Lips Performance Cult
Black Lips Performance Cult on Wikipedia
Johanna Constantine

Yes, this is a little lazy of me. And I can’t exactly call all these people “friends” in the let’s-meet-for-brunch sense. But I’ve worked with all of them, been back- (or side-) stage with them. And witnessed their artistic genius firsthand.