Textile Wizardry: Anna and Lynne

I don’t suppose you’d be surprised to know that just about everyone I know is fabulously talented. It’s making it difficult to choose who to spotlight! Today I’m gonna go with a few who specialize in the textile arts.

UnknownI’ll start with Lynne Bruning. I met Lynne through DPW, where she’s held a number of different positions. When she’s not in the desert, she is a “creator of eTextiles and wearable art.” She wins awards for her innovative designs as well as her artistic creations. I don’t have a problem grasping her weaving, as using a loom is very old world, even though her work has a decided futuristic bent. But I’ll be honest: I’m not quite sure exactly what it is she does with all those tiny circuit boards and conductive thread. She’s explained it — and I’ve read about it — but it’s pretty technical (especially compared to my rather mundane glue gun skills) and makes my eyes glaze over. Whatever it is, she’s famous for it and flies all over the world teaching classes and sharing her somewhat esoteric talents. She’s always a welcome house guest!

11802827_10152874990101364_7128500365710472994_oAnna Quinones works similarly mystical magic with crochet needles. She creates three-dimensional sculptures as opposed to granny square afghans, though I’m sure if she were to set her mind — and hooks — to blankets they’d be pretty damn special. Who doesn’t want a Bag o’ Dicks? Check out her Etsy shoppe for her latest creations. Anna has also worked with me in Sign Shop for the past bunch of years and been a badass from beginning to end.  Plus she helps produce some of my favorite events in San Francisco, can make fancy designs in your cappuccino and serve up a perfect Manhattan. Anna is definitely a multi-faceted talent. To relax, she likes to hang from hooks, the ancient ritual of suspension. Watching people’s flesh stretch when dangling from a ceiling isn’t for everyone but I’ve always enjoyed witnessing the intensity of it. Oh, and she’s a wonderful house guest as well!

Okay, I’m late getting this one online. I got a late start yesterday! For some reason I’m unable to upload photos. (Maybe I’ve hit my “you ain’t paying’ for this” limit here.) I’ll try again later, or tomorrow, because the imagery that should be accompanying these two blurbages is too good to miss!

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