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Memoirs and Monographs: Polly Superstar and Adrian Buckmaster

Last night I went on a date. And it was nice. See? I can actually go on a date and not complain about it! PIGS ARE FLYING!

Right now you can go online and buy recently published books created by a bunch of my friends.  Ugh. I think I just spent 10 minutes agonizing over that one sentence. Ya know what? If I’m gonna publish a post every day I need to get over the whole striving for perfection thing and realize that good enough is usually way better than most. And it isn’t a damn book. Right? Anyway, back to the books. I didn’t see any of these people yesterday so the dovetailing and immediacy thing isn’t gonna work today. However, there are a few book people who I will be seeing this month so I’m gonna save them till I see them. Is that stupid? I dunno. Just thinking out loud here. Er, on-blog. Thinking on-blog.

I know. I’m rambling.

575482_10151062257366271_489183581_nI’m gonna start with Polly Superstar. She lives in San Francisco and, though I’m out there a lot, I probably won’t be bumping into her anytime soon. I met Polly ages ago when she was designing latex fetish wear. She has “dedicated her life to the sexually progressive community” and, in doing so, actually helped shape that community. Back in the days of Friendster, she was written up as a “hub” (early social networking speak for someone who knows everyone…truth). Polly has been 51RwUjLvd5L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_producing the super-fun sexy soiree, Kinky Salon — an event which seamlessly
blends the kinky and queer, burner and BDSM, all in a warm, respectful environment — for a dozen years. It has expanded from San Francisco to 11 other cities, with more always in the works. She’s bubbly and British and loads of fun. She has written down her memoirs and, having witness a small chunk of her life first-hand, I can tell you it’s compelling! You buy “Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary” here. Oh, and that cover design? That’s by my previously mentioned Amazingly Talented Friend, Dominic Tinio!


And speaking of sexy soirees, back when I was writing about my exciting adventures for Penthouse Forum, I attended a One Leg Up event, merely for journalistic purposes, I swear. I found most of the people a bit…vanilla, quite frankly. In fact, the only interesting person there was Adrian Buckmaster. He was sporting a skirt and a corset, decidedly more adventurous than all the other men in their boring button-downs. I introduced myself and we’ve been friends ever since. He has taken some of the most stunning pictures of my many amazing friends: Amber Ray in peacock feathers, Venus and her daughter, the many faces — and creations — of 41S34GbjMzL._SX360_BO1,204,203,200_Muffinhead. He has also taken quite a few pretty damn great pictures of me, a few of which you’ll find in my “About” photos here on this blog. He is one of the few photographers given complete access to the city’s more transgressive events because of his gentlemanly discretion and ability to capture intimate moments without being intrusive. Adrian recently published a collection of his stunning work, “An Embarrassment of Riches: Photographs,” which you can purchase here. It is a wonderful window into his world.