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Welcome to YES-vember! And Introducing Dayzee!



I’ve been back from the desert since October 7. I returned to NYC this past Tuesday. The interim days were spent resting and recovering (and unpacking and packing) in San Rafael with my parents. Celebrating my mom’s 80th. And generally readjusting to running water and my own toilet. It’s never easy. These past few days in Manhattan have been glorious: walking around in the pouring rain, warm sunshine, autumn wind — in other words, WEATHER! The relentless sunshine of Marin was really grating on me! 12194676_10153049451986364_844431433806156123_oAnyway. I’ve been to Burning Man Happy Hour, Kostume Kult’s Halloween bash and co-hosted Ghostlight. I’ve had four different houseguests and three horrible hangovers. My bank account is down to, like $25. Oy, Reality Camp is expensive! But there’s hope on the horizon. MUCH hope. And, most likely, some pretty big changes.

In the spirit of change, I’ve decided to try something new. Well, for me at least. It is going to take discipline. That’s the “new.” I’m going to write every day. And it’s going to be positive. I know. Try not to snicker. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and embrace my inner hippy and really, REALLY try to “be the change I want to see” and all that new age shite. Seriously.

Drumroll please, dear readers: WELCOME TO YES-VEMBER! Every day I’m going to post something positive and lovely here! Initially I thought I might introduce you to my amazingly talented friends. And I will. But I could, quite possibly, veer further afield and post other wonderful things. Don’t expect rainbows and kittens and unicorns. I haven’t been possessed by Sally Sunshine or anything. It will all be sincere. SINCERE, I tell you! I will mean every word. From the core of my being. That, believe it or not, won’t be the hardest part. The discipline of doing something every damn day will be more difficult. So help me out here. Respond. Comment. Offer a word of encouragement. ‘Cause I’m gonna need it! Then let’s see what sort of transformations have occurred a month from now!

11707992_10152880068911364_8736361067494950351_oAs for introducing you to my many talented friends, I think I’ll start with Dayzee. She just left my apartment, headed back upstate, where she lives part-time. She leaves soon for a cross-country drive to California, where she’s gonna hang out till March or April. I love Dayzee. She’s definitely one of my most “no bullshit” friends. She’s hung with us for Mermaid Parades and SantaCons and Brides of March. She loves to costume as much as I do. We laugh and laugh about the”women of a certain age” shit we have in common and the pathetic hilariousness of being single. She has been working for Burning Man for years. She’s been a Flagger, a Lamplighter,  and she’s worked with the DMV. For the past few years she’s been the manager of Man Watch. And she works for me in the Sign Shop. She is an incredibly hard worker. Dayzee is a talented artist and I’m happy to see her creating more. She recently started painting pet portraits and they are AMAZING. She makes beautiful cards using Sharpies. SHARPIES! I’d love to see her making a living off of her art. Maybe you need a pet portrait to give as a holiday gift? Lemme know and I’ll put you in contact!

Okay, I better stop overthinking this and post it before it’s tomorrow! Oh. The one unifying factor about all my friends that I plan to post about is that I believe they all should be rich and famous. Or at least fabulously successful. So maybe you can support one of them? Buy their book? Commission some artwork? Go see their band? Hire them to do something for you?  Every artist could use their very own Medici!