Cash & Kool-Aid

Okay! So, yeah, sorry. It’s been a little bit, eh? I have been CRAZED! ALLLLLL good things! My thoughts are a bit scrambled at the moment but I wanted to check in.

Last night I was the guest bartender at Perdition, a Hells Kitchen bar. It was my second cameo appearance there, courtesy of my friend Scott, both on Burning Man Happy Hour nights. In March it was the “Gathering of the Tribes” and April Fool’s Day was the “Burner Bazaar.” Both were big successes! Last night was especially excellent because not only was the bar busy (which meant beaucoup bucks for Scott and me) but Pinky was in the back bazaar area vending our horns. We practically sold out! Which leaves us with very little inventory for Saturday night’s Horned Ball! Yipes! Guess we need to get back to work! Not to mention the enormous costumes we’re working on for ourselves!

I’d also like to mention that I spent three days in March participating in the Landmark Forum. I KNOW! Some people will think I’ve joined a cult. (Or drank the kool-aid…though if you know me well, you know I’ve always been an eager kool-aid drinker!) Others will be completely surprised that I’d subject myself to any new age, human potential movement bullshit. Well. About 30 years ago I became fairly entrenched in Lifespring, a similar off-shoot of EST, and really enjoyed it. A few friends had done Landmark and I was feeling in need of a kick in the ass. It was a rough winter, with the death of a close friend and, honestly very little…hope. So there I was, ready to, you know, sort of re-experience what I thought I’d “gotten” from Lifespring when — lo and behold (as they say) — I experienced multiple “ah-ha” moments! MANY! I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I realize this sounds completely nuts and welcome your questions and criticism. And I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone who’s interested.

Anyway, in an effort to get this posted and get back to work on, well, everything that’s goin’ on, here are a few musings that I will expand upon in the near future. (Realistically perhaps not all that near, as I’m leaving on Tuesday for a couple weeks out west for the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, the DPW Managers’ Work Weekend and my nephew’s “Grandparents and Special Friends Day.” I am, apparently, a special friend! Oh, and to spend time with my parents!)

A few ideas that I’m planning to flesh out into blog posts:

* If you can’t see your penis, why would I want to?

* Death & Grieving (See above reference to the death of a close friend…I’m still not really able to write about it…)

* I don’t enjoy dating. It’s like a job interview for love.

* Successful Dates! Yes, it’s true. Thought they aren’t nearly as hilarious, there have been a few successes! Including:

* The Lifeguard (That one’s a two-parter!)

* “My vagina has Alzheimer’s…ref. Naomi Wolf” (Found on a random scrap of paper I’d written to myself a year or so ago. Hah!)

Let me know if YOU have any ideas you’d like to see me write about! Oh! I almost forgot! Check out my newly published article”Use It Or Lose It,” in Senshēǝnt Magazine: A Conversation About Women’s Sexuality! Back soon!

4 responses to “Cash & Kool-Aid

  1. I did landmark a few years ago. I also felt like I needed a reboot! I’m glad to hear it was valuable for you. I had some trouble with it personally, but I still recognize that the whole “what happens/what you make up” notion is extremely powerful.

  2. Hey Abby, I was hoping we’d get your perspective on the recent gas explosion in the east village.

  3. Allen Paterson

    Saw you at Perdition. Haven’t been back to Double Down since you fired them.

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