Nose, Meet Grindstone

Well hello, strangers!

IMG_4099Yes it’s been a looooong while since my last post. I found myself feeling so disheartened by all the haters that I couldn’t bring myself to write anymore. But last night I went on (yes, yet another) OKCupid date and the very sweet gentleman succeeded in sorta guilting me into writing again. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, an OKCupid date that I am NOT going to complain about! No, it wasn’t love. But it was enjoyable. He challenged me — on just about everything –in an encouraging, playful way. He made me look at everything I “believe” to be “true” in a new way. Ordinarily I am irritated as hell by people who think they have the answers to all my problems. Everyone seems to be able to clearly see how you can make your life better, even when theirs is hardly a shining example of perfection. And I usually want to punch people in the face when they start with me. Something about this man’s “come from” made me slightly less stabby… Now that I think about it, maybe I can solve his problems: He should consider a career in life coaching. Which, I know, is mostly a joke. I mean, those who can, do…those who can’t, teach…and those who can’t teach become life coaches. Haha. Anyway. I do believe it’s a very specific talent to help people see their lives from a different angle. This guy possesses that talent. He, too, is a writer, a “scribbler,” as he describes himself. I’ve always loved that word and have used it to describe myself as well.

While my life’s problems have not, in fact, been solved, I do feel like it’s about damn time I put my nose back to the grindstone. ANY grindstone. So here I am. I have a lot of pent up stuff to write about. Guess I’d better start composing…and maybe warm up the glue gun…

5 responses to “Nose, Meet Grindstone

  1. ABOUT FUCKING TIME ABBY!!!! Hear, hear!!! U HAVE BEEN MISSED! proud of u, the first step is thinking about it and ur already on the 2nd. xoxoxoxo if u have haters that just means ur doing what ur doing well bc they are not capable 😛

  2. Always worthwhile reading you. Why were you away so long? When did you stop tending bar at the Double Down? Thank goodness you didn’t marry the CT banker.

    • Thank you! I was away because I became discouraged…and distracted, I suppose. My last shift at Double Down was July 2013. And there was NO way I would’ve married that banker! 😜

      • Been re-reading your old blogs. Your musings about Ashley Madison were interesting. I’ve been on that site. You should know there are three irritating frustrations with AM: first, a number of women just want to cyberchat and not really meet anyone. Second, a staggering number of single women want to meet a potential “husband” and are totally uninterested in fooling around. And finally, AM hires female trolls to set up phony profiles to encourage and will then send out “winks” to get clueless males–are there any other kind?–to spend “credits” to answer the phonies.

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