One Exhausting Week!

So I’ve been back one week. I’ve locked myself out of my apartment, dragged myself to Queens for a Burning Man Happy Hour, stayed up partying all night with a friend in town for less than 24 hours, attended an old friend’s art opening then dashed off to work the Honk! fest at Gowanus Ballroom, brunched, shlepped to New Jersey to ride a bus with 23 other costumed crazies to a couple of outdoor haunted attractions and generally avoided either completely unpacking or cleaning my apartment! Or, apparently, sleeping.

Actually, I’ve managed to do the most incremental of cleaning: I organized a bathroom drawer so that I don’t lose my mind every time I try to find my eyeliner. My bed, however, is a tangled mass of dirty sheets and jumbled pillows. I haven’t done any laundry so I’m sleeping in linens that were slept in by strangers. Whatevs. I can’t seem to summon the energy… Any excess motivation has been expended in the gym. I find it imperative to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Though my pajamas sure feel awesome!

That friend in town for less than 24 hours? The astoundingly sunshine-y and exhaustingly energetic ShellStar. She and some friends from Fort Collins flew into town on a private jet to attend a benefit. I met them on the street in front of someone’s fancy-ass loft apartment, where there was amazing art and champagne. After listening to the women talk about nothing but their kids (Like, lady, do you have anything interesting going on in your life? Or was reproducing pretty much it?) they wanted to party in their Trump Tower hotel suite. ShellStar wanted to stay up all night so I dragged her to my apartment for a change of ensemble; Susanne Bartsch‘s party at Marquee, to dance with the gay boys; Beauty Bar for last call, where I knew the bartender; then Odessa for disco fries, ’cause she wanted to go to a diner. The whole mad scramble was on her, since she ‘s rolling in it. When I whined about being broke she gave me some good advice: “Money is an element. It’s flowing all around us.” I’m trying to make that my mantra. Anyway, I finally sent her back to Columbus Circle around 5am. Whew!

My friend Edie, who’s living in Denver, was in town for her photography opening at The Front Room Gallery in Williamsburg. After a few cheap Yuenglings there I jumped on the G to Gowanus Ballroom to work the door for Honk! It was a last minute gig that really helped me out.

Saturday morning I brunched, shlepped my costumery baggage to kill some time at the flea market, then met friends at Port Authority for a long bus ride to bumblefuck New Jersey, where 24 of us got into costume for a Haunted House Halloween Hop. Imagine two dozen adults, an enormous cooler of booze, a totally tricked out bus and outdoor haunted fields in the wilds of the Garden State. Uh-huh, yes, eventually there were police involved. Our “Scary Fairy” enjoyed the first attraction, which was very family oriented and the ghouls super friendly. However, the second site we bused to wasn’t quite so “hands on” and when he went in for a zombie hug, the undead’s boyfriend got a little aggro. Oh well. It was raining anyway! So we drank instead and eventually had a bunch of our money refunded when a few of our costumed crew ran into the owner. He acknowledged that the girl…uh, zombie…had overreacted. Our wacky bus ride culminated in a giant sleepover. Who says I’ve grown up? Not me, as I’m sure you’re painfully aware. Anyway!

Sunday morning meant rolling up bedding and an attempt at brunch that wound up being tacos because the Jersey diner couldn’t accommodate a dozen hungover Halloween Hoppers. A few of us strolled the Asbury Park boardwalk while waiting for the next train to Manhattan. I finally made it home by 6pm.
Yesterday was only breakfast with a friend and a meeting at the venue for my Halloween event, Ghostlight 3: The Haunted East Village.

And now I’m here, in front of my computer, blogging, Facebooking and emailing men on OKCupid! I KNOW! I know I swore never to online date again, but I couldn’t help myself! I makes for good copy and keeps me…hopeful. Don’t hate me because I’m weak! (Though I know many of you will be rejoicing because shadenfreude is so much fun!) I’ll be checking in between all the crazy shit I’ve got going on! It’s great to be back! Now, I really should finish cleaning the bathroom…

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  1. You need to have a camera attached to your head. It’s a show.

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