Testing a New Idea

So this is an old video. I haven’t blogged in months and months for many many reasons. However, I may be about to step into the 21st century and “vlog.” We’ll see. So I’m testing this old video here to see how things work. Stay tuned!


5 responses to “Testing a New Idea

  1. LMFAO about the “Sling of Death” or whatever that contraption you are on with the little girl who I assume is your niece . . . I almost puked just watching the vid . . . I’d probably go into full on cardiac arrest if I actually went on the thing! Where is that? Maybe Santa Cruz?

  2. Hi Abby,

    Are you the same Abby from TMVS in the early 80’s?
    If you are, this is Rob from the Design Department. I wanted to say hello. If not, sorry to bother you. Funny video!

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