“Shy” Stalker’s Intent? Intrigue! Hmm, Intriguing!

A week after receiving that peculiar anonymous note at work (which I wrote about in my Stalking post a few days ago), I received another:

Dear Abby,
This is going to spiral out of control, and in a hurry.
What was intended as intrigue, curiosity, piqued interest, has back-fired into the unfortunate use of the “s” word. There’s no “stalking” involved; if there is an “s word” it’s shyness. The danger in doing what I thought was cute is that it will take on a terrible life via social media — really not my intent — and create the wrong impression.
There’s a big different between “too much time on one’s hands” and an attempt to be clever. As such I’ll stop immediately and apologize for whatever consternation I may have caused.
Once again, I’m sorry.

No signature or name. This time the envelope wasn’t hand addressed. And it was postmarked: New York, NY 18 JAN 2013 10PM. Guess it was sitting at the bar for a few days! So. I’m going to address the sender here, since he obviously reads this blog.

Apology accepted. I’m hoping you didn’t overlook the fact that, in the end, I decided to take the letter, as odd as it was, the way you’d actually intended: as a compliment. In this day and age, people don’t even spend time licking an envelope or slapping on a stamp for those they love, so I was flattered (if, simultaneously, freaked). Its arrival merely happened to coincide with my desire to write about stalking. A note from an unknown source can be taken in many ways; in the context of stalking, it fit right in. However, being a shy admirer, most certainly, isn’t the same as stalking. The anonymity of the note made it a little…creepy. Now that you’ve (sort of) outed yourself, it wasn’t stalking at all. Yes, the wrong impression was created. Now that you’ve revealed your intent, that impression has been modified. And the note, less creepy.

Of course, it leaves so many unanswered questions. I’ll start with What, exactly, did you mean by “never were”? Which leads to, Are you one that “never was”? Or are you one that just hasn’t been…yet? Are you so shy you can’t face me in person? Or have you faced me and found yourself unable to…say hello? Ask me out? Do we know each other or are we total strangers?

Whether we’ve met or not, I’m primarily interested in your use of words. If you were attempting to be “clever” why not just say something along the lines of “You have a secret admirer”? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, an anonymous Valentine would’ve had a much different impact; it would have been an indication of actual interest, which was what your ransom note-ish missive, with its ambiguity, unfortunately lacked.

Beyond all these obvious initial questions, I must inquire further: Are you now out of the picture completely? If so, that would be a shame. Because now I am, indeed, intrigued.


2 responses to ““Shy” Stalker’s Intent? Intrigue! Hmm, Intriguing!

  1. What if your secret admirer is the gentleman from ‘Exuding Sexuality’?

    • I suppose it’s a possibility. The funny thing is that so much of it all could be (literally) written off as a series of misunderstandings. Yet by remaining so stubbornly anonymous, he doesn’t give me room to see another side.

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