Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

Ghost in the Machine?

I’ve recently been receiving messages on OKC that appear to be computer generated, rather than written by real humans. My suspicions are partly due to the fact that the writer didn’t visit my profile at all. True, they could be “viewing anonymously.” But these messages eerily read like those from people who want you to send them your bank account information or other weird spammy type stuff.

Has anyone else been receiving these? What do you make of this?

Hi Cutie, over there just came across ur profile and it was quite ..captivating….. ur.. pics are cool and i felt something so i decided to mail you,perhaps we could find out something quite of a spark btw us. anyway,my ideals of a woman. i want a woman who has a lot emphathy,whos honest and willing to share a lot of love,she should be quite willing to withstand alot of care and loving.she should be a little matured in her dealing with other people,and happenings around her.she should love nature and fun.she must be God fearing. hi cutie do you think we ill make a match?if you do then ill love to hear from you 

There is nothing in my profile to lead anyone to believe I am “God fearing” and, well, might “God fearing” women be more gullible? Are women over 50 being targeted because we may be perceived as more “desperate”? I find the whole thing oddly disturbing…