Daily Archives: November 30, 2012


Sex used to be easy. I’d get dressed up in something semi-slutty, sit at my local bar and wait till someone caught my eye. Or I caught their’s.

Since I was never really a “dater” I have no experience with the process. My history has been exclusively being “easy.” And drunk. Do people flop into bed together sober? On which date? The first? Second? Tenth? If I’m not immediately attracted to someone I suppose I could drink myself into the mood. While sober my mind only talks me out of it. So if I’m enjoying a guy’s company, at what point do we wind up in bed?

If it didn’t happen on the first date and we both want a second, is it somehow implied? I mean, is it safe to assume that if we don’t fuck on the second date there won’t be a third? I’ve never actually gotten to know someone before I had sex with them; it was always a case of the opposite. Which, of course, not only removed any element of surprise but also guaranteed that we were sexually compatible. Or at least enjoyed kissing. And it meant that in the event of a second date (or, technically, a first one) we were both safe in the knowledge that that bridge had already been crossed. So to speak.

Yup. Being easy was easier.