Daily Archives: October 29, 2012


Okay, I gotta come clean: I’m back on OKCupid. I suppose you figured that out if you read my last post. Yeah, I know. I swore off online dating. But my compulsion to be proactive in my search for companionship won out over…well, everything — common sense, especially.

Though there have already been dozens of ridiculous emails from guys I would never consider, the few dates that I’ve gone on have been surprisingly pleasant. And I believe it’s mostly because of some sort of inner shift. Instead of finding things to complain about, I decided I would just do my best to enjoy myself. No, none of them resulted in romance (or a roll in the hay) but I would see each one of these men again.

So how about that shift? Part of it is merely being more realistic. I’m 53. And men simply don’t hold up as well as women. I’m also always open to meeting new people, so I make a point of stating that in my correspondence with these guys and mention that enjoying a stranger’s company for an hour or so is a lofty enough goal.

I had brunch with a screenwriter, German bier with a designer/engineer and dinner with a musician/conductor/producer. I probably knew more about them before the dates than I knew about my husband when I married him. The false sense of intimacy fostered by in-depth profiles when online dating will never approximate the organic nature of meeting someone in a bar or at a party. But since I’m still going to bars and parties, why not continue to explore all options?