Hamsa Magic

I haven’t been able to blog much lately. Aside from general anxiety about my pending departure, I haven’t felt inspired. I haven’t had anything to complain about. And I know how you love to hear me complain! Well, I’m not sure I can do it anymore…

Yesterday I met with Jayleigh Lewis, a woman whose vocation is to help people incorporate  ritual into their lives. Last night my friend Karen treated me to a Rose Healing Ceremony. Both experiences were very hippy-dippy and new-agey. I told Jayleigh that much of my resistance to exploring spirituality has been the fear of becoming a purple caftan-wearing, drum circle-dancing goddamn Earth Goddess. However, I do feel that this is the direction the universe is nudging me.

I had an epiphany during the Rose Healing ceremony that I need to somehow shrug off the former me, to “molt,” so to speak. This may require moving off of this blog and creating another. It’s as though this is a vessel and I have finished filling it. It may be time to retire “EditrixAbby” and become…someone else.

When I met Gandharva over a year ago and he read my Life Blueprint, he said my Personality Type is The Warrior and told me my Ayurvedic name is Hamsa. I believe this may be a good starting point.

This morning I began my daily ritual that Jayleigh helped me create. My intention is to create more MAGIC in my life. Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Hamsa Magic

  1. The last thing you need is man-made rituals and trying to change who you are. The right kind of change comes through seeking for truth no matter where it leads you. I would hope that you would continue to blog and tell your story during this time of change in your life. People want to read your blog because you are honest in spite of yourself, even when it costs you. Now you want to quit just because you are realizing certain things at this point in your life?! No way.

    • Hmm, let’s see.
      Firstly, I don’t plan on changing who I am. I feel that I have been going through a metamorphosis of sorts and am just kinda groovin’ with that. I am already different from who I was a year ago and every year prior. I would hope we all learn and change and grow all the time! And while every change I’ve gone through has been the result of some lesson, I’d have to say that the current changes I’ve been experiencing are most closely the direct result of seeking truth. Which I will continue to do!
      Secondly, EVERY ritual is “man-made.” What would make one ritual more “correct” than another? Because the church (or temple…or mosque) has been practicing for eons? That seems a bit limiting. Christianity in itself is a fairly new construct. As is the Church of Mormon. And Scientology. Finding fault with someone’s rituals, whatever they spring from and however “new” they may be sounds judgmental to me. If I want to bring MAGIC into my life and dancing the jig every morning is how I plan to celebrate that, what does it matter to you?
      Thirdly (?!), you may have misunderstood. I don’t plan on no longer blogging. I just feel like this blog — which has been, primarily, about my dating and parties and stuff — has run its course. The next blog, which I will point to from here or link to or some such, will be more about my next journey. I won’t be forfeiting honesty!
      And lastly, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I don’t check in here much when I’m out in the desert. It is close to impossible to stare at a computer screen after a full day in the blazing sun. So I will be percolating and formulating and thinking and breathing. When and if I am able to write, you’ll see it here! And you’ll certainly see the results of the next stage when I return to NYC in October.
      Have a bitchin’ summer!

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