Monthly Archives: July 2012

Hamsa Magic

I haven’t been able to blog much lately. Aside from general anxiety about my pending departure, I haven’t felt inspired. I haven’t had anything to complain about. And I know how you love to hear me complain! Well, I’m not sure I can do it anymore…

Yesterday I met with Jayleigh Lewis, a woman whose vocation is to help people incorporate  ritual into their lives. Last night my friend Karen treated me to a Rose Healing Ceremony. Both experiences were very hippy-dippy and new-agey. I told Jayleigh that much of my resistance to exploring spirituality has been the fear of becoming a purple caftan-wearing, drum circle-dancing goddamn Earth Goddess. However, I do feel that this is the direction the universe is nudging me.

I had an epiphany during the Rose Healing ceremony that I need to somehow shrug off the former me, to “molt,” so to speak. This may require moving off of this blog and creating another. It’s as though this is a vessel and I have finished filling it. It may be time to retire “EditrixAbby” and become…someone else.

When I met Gandharva over a year ago and he read my Life Blueprint, he said my Personality Type is The Warrior and told me my Ayurvedic name is Hamsa. I believe this may be a good starting point.

This morning I began my daily ritual that Jayleigh helped me create. My intention is to create more MAGIC in my life. Stay tuned.