A Meh-n of Few Words

I got an email from a guy on OKC. He describes himself mostly in poetry and mentions having “the depression.”  What he’s doing with his life: “getting old and lonely.” And says women should message him if: “you’ve at least screwed one guy in your life by the second date… you can at least fathom the difference between two positions…” It’s really no wonder he’s single. But then he emailed me, in response, I’ll assume, to my having visited his profile. And what bon mots did this man have for me? Well, only one bon mot, actually:


I politely responded:

Thanks for the feedback, Joe.
Best of luck to you in your search.

But I have to ask. What. The. FUCK? Why even burn the three calories it took to type out those three letters? If he wasn’t interested why not just carry on with his pathetic little life? Er, big life. Big, pudgy, overweight life! I couldn’t decide which of his two profile photos were more chubsterrific so I’ll post both. Um, yeah.


6 responses to “A Meh-n of Few Words

  1. lookingforbrunettey

    Loved this but sad he is going through the old depression stage. I am so sorry you had to waste 10 seconds responding back to him!

    Looking for Brunettey

  2. He looks perfect for you!

    • Not as perfect for me as YOU are, Joe! A cranky asshole who is obviously hanging on my EVERY WORD! Seriously folks, this guy responds to my posts within SECONDS of them going live. Hah!

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