Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

Indulgent Weekend and Thoughts on Misinterpreting

“My thoughts scattered and they’re…cloudy…”
–– “Cloudy,” Simon and Garfunkel

I spent way too much money over the past weekend! But I’ve been working hard so I feel like I deserved it! On Friday evening I visited the lovely Raffaele at Bowery Electric, where she bartends for Happy Hour. After a $4 pint of Stella I headed to midtown and met a table full of folks for a three-course, prix fixe meal at St. Andrews. I had an amazing crab cake, filet mignon and delicious little tiny ice cream sandwiches with butterscotch ice cream. YUM! It was also all you can drink, so I broke my cardinal rule of not mixing my food molecules with my beer molecules and am still regretting it! Oof.

I dashed across town and caught a downtown cab to meet my friend Rob and his friends Pete and Christina. They finished up their fancy cocktails and we walked over to The McKittrick Hotel for the immersive theatre experience “Sleep No More.” It was…odd. Interesting and very different. And the five-story “set” was incredible! But I admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the actual “show.” After over two hours of chasing the performers up and down stairs, I was ready for a cab ride home!

I resisted the urge to drink — and spend — Saturday night when I joined friends to celebrate a birthday. It was at a karaoke bar that I’m not too crazy about so that wasn’t too tough. I saved myself for Sunday, when four of us met for brunch at Yuca Bar, where they serve the best Huevos Rancheros in the world! Eggs, beans, delicious sauces, pico de gallo, queso fresco all piled on top of a quesadilla! Olé! From there we strolled over to VeraMeat for their 30% off sale and I treated myself to a delicate sterling feather ring. And after that we hit the dollar store and bought cheap plastic accoutrements for our Easter Parade tiara crafting. It was a very colorful end to an indulgent weekend.

And on the dating blogging topic, I’ve been fairly uninspired. I find it amusing, at times, the ways people interpret my words. I put it out there and hope that those words stand on their own. But apparently sometimes they don’t. It’s been happening quite a bit. When I wrote “I Forgot to Have a Family!” I was poking fun at middle-aged men who all of a sudden decide they want kids. People thought I was talking about myself. Uh, no, having a family isn’t something I forgot to do. Not having kids was pretty deliberate. And I’m pretty happy I didn’t.

My recent post about not finding anyone who “moves” me was interpreted as my “not being able to click with men who are attracted to me.” These guys aren’t necessarily attracted to me. They’re just game to date. Which isn’t exactly rare. And that hasn’t been my problem. I haven’t been able to “click” with any guys. Aw hell, let’s be blunt: I haven’t been able to fuck any guys. I click with just about everyone I talk to. Okay, not everyone. Certainly not many of the men I’ve been dating. Though, truth be told, there have been a few I’ve clicked with (and not fucked) but I don’t write about any possible romances for fear of jinxing them. Not, in retrospect, that I’ve needed to worry about that, either! Gah. None of that even makes sense. The bottom line is men, who may or may not be attracted to me (or may or may not be desperate) wind up on a date with me and I am bored. This is not a good thing. And when I write about it everyone filters that through their own lenses and then offers me correspondingly filtered advice. I don’t need any advice. I need to meet a guy I want to fuck. Plain and simple!

Which leads me to probably the biggest misunderstanding: that I hate everyone I date. I most certainly don’t. I just find it kinda mind-boggling that I wind up on dates with men for whom I feel nothing, zip, nada. These aren’t people who I’ve been randomly matched with, they’re guys I’m supposed to be “good” with. Hm. Maybe I should be dating people I’m not supposed to be good with!

Okay, that’s enough for now!