Tawk (ward) ify

In my neverending search for true love — or additional blog fodder — I signed up for Tawkify. It’s an even more complicated way of meeting people than the usual online dating sites: you join, then Elle magazine advice columnist E. Jean Carroll and her staff match you with other members. You and your “match” receive a phone call that connects the two of you. You then have a very brief seven minutes (or 10, or 12, depend on what, I’ve no idea) to hit it off. Uh, yeah, I know. Anyway, ever the eternal optimist, I gave it a go.

The first phone call was not only brief but awkward. I can’t remember the guy’s name or anything else about him. The second (and more recent) phone call was with David, someone E. Jean crowed about as (another) great match, a writer and a lawyer with “a lot to say.” Our call lasted a whopping 12 minutes, most of which I spent in a panic about our conversation being cut off mid-sentence; it’s part of the process. The rest was small talk and, again, awkward. I suppose it doesn’t make sense to delve into a total stranger’s psyche during a severely time-circumscribed phone call but saying, “That sounds like fun” in response to my telling him “I blog to keep my writing from getting rusty, now that no one’s paying me for it” came off as a bit shallow. I mentioned my web site and within seconds he was looking at my photo. I have no idea what he looks like. I also gave him my phone number. (I KNOW!) I was about to tell him not to call immediately after our conversation got cut off because a friend was on his way over but…I got cut off. And he called. And I told him a friend was on his way. When I asked if we could chat later, he said he was going to bed soon. At 11. I guess he wasn’t excited enough about talking to me to stay up past his usual bedtime. Oy.

E. Jean is interested in getting members to become matchmakers themselves and I think I’d probably make a better matchmaker than match made. I’ll assume the offices are in Manhattan, since E. Jean has made repeated references to the dearth of decent men here. I also responded to an ad today on Craigslist from a matching making service. We’ll see!


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