Other Peoples’ Bad Dates

I haven’t been on a date since the guy who “wrote” “A Date with Abby.” Frankly, I haven’t had the stomach. OKCupid keeps sending me notices of who’s checking me out or who’s “chosen” me and they are all a horror. If all I can get are fat old Santas, fucking forget it. A friend has been using the dating sites for hookups and has a favorite young man. If you can believe it, he’s a pizza delivery guy. Yup, like right out of porn movie. He even showed up once to service her between deliveries, saying, “I have 10 minutes.” Uh, yeah. I think that may be what I need. An anonymous fuck who’ll “deliver.” Cause these doddering old men are doing nothing for my libido. NOTHING, I tell you!

Okay, had to get that off my (somewhat impressive) chest! Now I know I’m disappointing you all so if I can’t provide you with your usual dose of entertainment, I’ve found a few other folks who can. These people have subscribed to my blog most likely because they’re experiencing their own special form of dating hell. Fortunately, their hell is our hilarity!

Moths to a Flame is a posh single female in the big city. (I hope she doesn’t mind my referring to her that way! When you read the sort of guys she dates, I’m sure you’ll agree.) I really enjoyed “Fanny Pack” but read all her horror stories!

No need to say that Snarky Snatch is funny; anyone who’d title their blog Snarky Snatch has a great sense of humor. She’s probably also “chill” and “laid back.” (If you don’t get that lame reference to dating profile clichés you don’t deserve Ms. Snatch! But you should read her anyway!) For a quick guffaw, you’ll enjoy her “I Prefer My Obligation-Free Head to Come Unattached to a Crazy Person” (The post is shorter than the title!) but all her shit is hilarious.

You can read about bad dates from the male perspective at My Next Date. Somehow they aren’t quite as horrible but that’s probably because he’s being nice…ish. Check out “The Naked Truth,” his take on strip clubs as a dating destination.

My Twentysomething Sex Life makes me feel a bit better about miserable dates because, well, even twentysomethings are suffering! (Sorry.) Her advice for Men: How to Date Online has some valuable nuggets that mirror some of my own. But if you really want a chuckle, check out “Wanted: Big Fat Dildo.”

Okay. Well, there are a few to keep you busy until I get my shit together!

10 responses to “Other Peoples’ Bad Dates

  1. Aww…shucks. You are always welcome in my Snatch cave. Thanks for the props, luv. Great blog btw!!!

  2. Very nice… one thing to remember about sites like okcupid and such is that you’ll get a gajillion emails if you’re a woman… I know just from talking to women I’ve dated from there (it is really a good icebreaker for a first date… tell me about the worst online date you’ve had… usually good for a laugh). Most of those gajillion emails will be from people you have absolutely no interest in. But there are a few nuggets in there. Nice blog… I enjoyed the other blogs embedded as well!

  3. Hey, I tried

  4. Thank you for noting MyNextDate. We’re all are on an interesting, perplexing adventure in this world of dating…I just never planned on reentering; so I decided to keep my sense of humor this time around.

  5. Tried to meet up with you. Several times. You seem a little addlepated.

  6. In all seriousness, if you’ve read my blog more than once, you’re probably quite aware that I am not addlepated. Just very busy.
    And it is VERY difficult to juggle strangers — mere screen names — on numerous dating sites.
    If you were actually interested, I’m sure we would’ve worked it out eventually. Sad that you would give up so easily.

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