Gah! It has been DAYS! Not just days since I’ve blogged but days since I’ve even been on my computer! Since Tuesday, I think! I worked on Wednesday, a friend came into town Thursday, we had a sample sale-slash-cocktail party Friday night (for which I was madly crafting things to samply SELL!) and then yesterday I got called in to work; YAY, Saturday shifts! After standing for eight straight hours I stumbled home and somehow managed to regroup sufficiently to attend Disorient‘s GlamTech. Of course, that took not one, not two but three costume changes before I was satisfied with the way I looked. Someone needs to stop eating boxes of cookies in bed. Yipes! Anyway, that insanity involved being ushered in without waiting in line like some kind of celebrity (thank you, Miyo!) and spending most of the evening in the VIP lounge. Black lights and gummi bears? The only way to fly, my friends! Super fun, super pornj and even an amazing, spaceship-sized blowy-uppy thing being bounced around the dance floor (thanks to The Eye)! I caught a car home at 4:30am with an enormous smile on my face!

Hopefully I’ll find some time this week to get back to my blogging. And I need to figure out whether or not to add more smut to my “collected works of erotica.” Stay tuned!


One response to “Remiss

  1. It IS the only way to fly. who waits in line? not us darling, not us.

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