Dreaming. Seeing.

Years ago, my mom woke up in the morning and told my dad about a dream she’d had. It was a plane crash of some sort; all she remembered was the tail piece  of the plane falling through the sky. It was a United jet. When she turned on the TV later, there was news of an actual plane crash. It was a United jet.

When I was in college, I was awakened by a strange dream. A light plane had landed on a freeway. That evening, watching the news, there was footage of a light plane landing on a freeway. It was almost identical to what I’d dreamed.

This morning feeling disturbed by a nightmare I’d had. A friend’s dog had jumped out of a second story window and he was injured. I ran downstairs and outside to help the dog. As often happens in dreams, things were jumbled: there was a pond of some sort and I had to jump in and swim to get to the dog. Other people were there helping him as well. As we all stood over the dog, I was thinking—within the dream—about how veterinarians handle injured dogs, how they manage to avoid being scratched or bitten. The dog had a big cut and I tried to close the large flap of skin. (Fur?) I was talking to the dog in a soothing manner and the dog spoke back to me. He had an interesting voice. I woke up kinda spooked.

As I lay in bed, I wondered if I should email my friend about the nightmare or if it would just freak him out. I found it odd that I would dream about this dog—Burt Reynolds is his name. I wouldn’t say I was all that “close” with the canine. I do have warm feelings for his “master,” though—Sissy Bitch, in DPW-speak. (Not that kind of warm feelings!)

So when I checked my email this morning and read this:
Burt Reynolds is in the hospital and has been hit by a car, and it is not good. His jaw is broken and his front leg is broken bad.
Sissy Bitch needs our help. NOW PLEASE!
I was woken up at 5am by an hysterical Sissy Bitch telling me Burt is in the hospital waiting to see a surgeon… The vet is going to need a deposit
Waiting to get the paypal info now. (He has to make one)
I report back here when I have more news.
The hair on the back of my neck stood up! I’d always written off the two distressed airplane dreams as my mom and I being “in tune” with air disasters because my dad was a pilot. Am I now “in tune” with dogs because of my little Scribble? It also made me wonder just how much more I could be “in tune” with if I tried. The only other time I’ve come close to “seeing” something like this was when I had a dream that there was something growing in my sister. She told me she was pregnant days later. Which was a good thing, cause I was worried that it might’ve been cancer or something! Maybe I need to meditate more!

Anyway, best wishes to Sissy Bitch and a speedy recovery to Burt Reynolds!

UPDATE: Further pleas for help were posted, as well as more details about the accident, including this extra bit of info:
He jumped over a traffic wall thinking there was land on the other side and fell into a traffic underpass.
So uh, yeah. I dreamed that he jumped two stories. And he did. Weird. Er.
And they’ve managed to raise a lot of money to help with the costs of surgery but more is still needed. If you can chip in, click here to donate!

2 responses to “Dreaming. Seeing.

  1. Feeling compelled to share….
    Several years ago, over the course of 6 months, I had 3 dreams of small airplanes crashing…all 3 actually crashed within a day of each dream, and they were in my town, and the hometowns of my two best friends at the time. The 3rd was the one in my town, happened in the woods within 1/2 mile from my house…I woke up that day and immediately asked my mom if a plane had crashed that morning….to her shock and mine, she said yes….
    Maybe I should blog about this as well…there were many other premonitious dreams I’ve had…

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