Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Dreaming. Seeing.

Years ago, my mom woke up in the morning and told my dad about a dream she’d had. It was a plane crash of some sort; all she remembered was the tail piece  of the plane falling through the sky. It was a United jet. When she turned on the TV later, there was news of an actual plane crash. It was a United jet.

When I was in college, I was awakened by a strange dream. A light plane had landed on a freeway. That evening, watching the news, there was footage of a light plane landing on a freeway. It was almost identical to what I’d dreamed.

This morning feeling disturbed by a nightmare I’d had. A friend’s dog had jumped out of a second story window and he was injured. I ran downstairs and outside to help the dog. As often happens in dreams, things were jumbled: there was a pond of some sort and I had to jump in and swim to get to the dog. Other people were there helping him as well. As we all stood over the dog, I was thinking—within the dream—about how veterinarians handle injured dogs, how they manage to avoid being scratched or bitten. The dog had a big cut and I tried to close the large flap of skin. (Fur?) I was talking to the dog in a soothing manner and the dog spoke back to me. He had an interesting voice. I woke up kinda spooked.

As I lay in bed, I wondered if I should email my friend about the nightmare or if it would just freak him out. I found it odd that I would dream about this dog—Burt Reynolds is his name. I wouldn’t say I was all that “close” with the canine. I do have warm feelings for his “master,” though—Sissy Bitch, in DPW-speak. (Not that kind of warm feelings!)

So when I checked my email this morning and read this:
Burt Reynolds is in the hospital and has been hit by a car, and it is not good. His jaw is broken and his front leg is broken bad.
Sissy Bitch needs our help. NOW PLEASE!
I was woken up at 5am by an hysterical Sissy Bitch telling me Burt is in the hospital waiting to see a surgeon… The vet is going to need a deposit
Waiting to get the paypal info now. (He has to make one)
I report back here when I have more news.
The hair on the back of my neck stood up! I’d always written off the two distressed airplane dreams as my mom and I being “in tune” with air disasters because my dad was a pilot. Am I now “in tune” with dogs because of my little Scribble? It also made me wonder just how much more I could be “in tune” with if I tried. The only other time I’ve come close to “seeing” something like this was when I had a dream that there was something growing in my sister. She told me she was pregnant days later. Which was a good thing, cause I was worried that it might’ve been cancer or something! Maybe I need to meditate more!

Anyway, best wishes to Sissy Bitch and a speedy recovery to Burt Reynolds!

UPDATE: Further pleas for help were posted, as well as more details about the accident, including this extra bit of info:
He jumped over a traffic wall thinking there was land on the other side and fell into a traffic underpass.
So uh, yeah. I dreamed that he jumped two stories. And he did. Weird. Er.
And they’ve managed to raise a lot of money to help with the costs of surgery but more is still needed. If you can chip in, click here to donate!