Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

Oh, Yeah, Write…

Rather than go another week to wrap up my month’s goals, I’m going to reset those goals. Without much effort, I’ve managed to meditate and work out almost every day. TV? I’m not sure it matters. Socializing? Seems silly to even mention it. When I need it, I seek it out. I’m stronger and more sane than, well, probably than I’ve ever been. The process of reestablishing myself in my apartment has been ongoing and won’t be complete for a while. I’ve been weighing the sense of hanging onto so many costumes and will continue to until I figure out what to do with them, since the locker they’re in is crammed full of more than clothing.

What I haven’t been very successful with these past three weeks is writing. Well, beyond the blogging. I still need to finish entering and proofreading the erotica for my “collected works” book. Once that’s done I feel like I’ll be more able to move on. So instead of blogging my blah-di-blah on here every day, I’m going to start posting the aforementioned “collected works.” Every day I’ll plunk a new piece of erotic fiction online, which will obviously entail the proofreading, until my entire book is “live.” Then all I’ll need to do is transfer it all to a self-publishing site.

I’ll be starting tomorrow. I hope you join me on my little trip down memory lane!