Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

Progress. Ish.

I have a week to go till I reach the 30-day point of my “process.” I can’t say I’ve made much progress. I haven’t gotten any further on any of my book projects. I still watch too much terrible TV. I did empty out a storage locker, which was a bigger accomplishment than it sounds. And I have been meditating more than not, so there’s that. It hasn’t transformed me into a Zen master, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly helped. I won’t declare my “socializing” to be a success because it is second nature. And working out? Even though I’m in the gym every day, my pants still feel tight. I guess it’s that time of year…

A secondary goal that I never even mentioned was getting through 30 days without buying any clothes or crap. I’ve managed to control my impulses for the past three weeks and anticipate I’ll be able to make it one more. There’s a party coming up on the 11th that will require some creative costuming but I believe I can throw something together.

So why don’t I feel more victorious? I get that it’s winter, when the doldrums make sense. I set achievable goals in order to experience a sense of satisfaction. I swear, I felt more triumphant after a month of no pants! I think I’m going to cut this 30-day thing short and refocus my goals. They’ll include: accomplish more, blog less!

Day 21, January 31
1. No meditating.
2. 30 minutes of working out.
3. Blogged.
4. Lotsa TV droning in the background.
5. Handed over the key to Locker 39, which will be saving me about $30 a month. I just need to put away — or throw away — all the stuff that’s sitting around.
6. Socializing: Met Jamye to see a taping of The Revolultion. Kaspur came by.

Day 22, February 1
1. 30 minutes of meditating. Yes, it was in bed, but I was sitting up. More comfortable than sitting on the floor and not lying down, trying to fall back asleep. The extra 10 minutes was ’cause I didn’t set my alarm right.
2. 90 minutes of working out.
3. Blogged
4. The View. Nothing else…
5. I consolidated two boxes of fanzine and magazine material into one. And wound up with a stack of fanzines and magazines on my living room floor. Then I packed a box of crap to take to happy hour and got too frustrated with it all. So there are still…boxes of stuff.
6. Socializing: Went to happy hour at 5:30 and got home at midnight. I even made out a little bit. With a VERY young man! Woo-hoo!

Day 23, February 2
1. 20 minutes of meditating.
2. 30 minutes of working out.
3. Blogged about the nutjob sending me endless texts. And the other lunatic actually expecting me to find him at a museum. KOO-KOO!
4. The View. And my game shows.
5. Stared at the stacks of shit. Sigh.
6. Socializing: Oh, whatEVAR!