Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

Blue Monday

Well, as I noted months back when I was in a similar funk, readers most definitely prefer “Despair” over happiness! Over 100 readers! I should always use such emotionally charged titles for my blog. Thanks for the kind words and concern, and for the few of you who kinda kicked me in the ass. May I say, however, that everyone has their bad days? I mean, I can’t be chipper and chirpy all the damn time! I’m gonna have to update my dating profiles or something because I haven’t received any hilarious correspondence in ages and I know you people are hungry for more of that! But back to being depressed…

Watching the local news I learned that today is the “gloomiest day of the year.” I could’a told them that. Seriously, the third Monday in January is supposedly the darkest day for people due to three major factors: post-holiday blues, low feelings of motivation and debt. I can certainly attest to experiencing all three! Add in the cold temperatures (though I’ve actually been enjoying the winter chill), the lack of sunlight (SAD, anyone?) and my own personal bullshit and it all adds up to becoming one with the couch. I managed to resist the complete bon-bons and bad movies thing, though, and ventured out to see friends and bands. No, I didn’t fulfill all my daily obligations, but it was better than staying home and feeling sorry for myself. (I did all that in the blog post, apparently!) What I’m kinda caught up in now is that blogging about my progress is becoming too much like a diary. I want to get back to actual topics. Yet the process does bring things up for me, as the past few days have shown. I’ve also spent too much time on the blog and not enough on my “real” writing. Or in the case of my erotica collection, proofreading. One day at a time… I truly don’t know how people manage to have jobs! I wouldn’t get anything done! Okay, so I’m gonna go write a post about something other then myself…specifically…

Day 5: January 15
1. 20 minutes of meditating
2. 30 minutes of working out.
3. No blogging or writing. Just football, beer and punk rock!
4. I watched football. And some Gold Globes red carpet…
5. Wasn’t in enough for any home maintenance.
6. Socializing: 5 hours of football and beer followed by a few hours of more beer and live bands.
7. Personal upkeep: Again, none. Well, I took a shower, at least… Maybe I shouldn’t be including personal upkeep unless I dye my hair or something of note.