Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Social Distractions

Only three days into this exercise (I’m back bloggin’, here) I realized that my life pretty much already had this structure. I do like the idea of challenging myself, though, so I may be adding things to my list of “tasks.” Without even having to list it, socializing is integral to my life. It’s also one of my biggest time-wasters. Day 1’s distraction was provided by Kaspur, Nick, Tania and her friends. That was a full four hours (between them all) of entertaining. Ya know, I used to get paid to socialize! Ah, those were the days… Anyway.
Day 2: January 12
1. 20 minutes of meditating
2. 45 minutes of working out
3. Only blogging…but it WAS yesterday’s “Routine vs. Regimen,” so…
4. Successfully restricted myself to only HALF of my “TV Diet!”
5. Brought up and unpacked two boxes, one of which contained a whole lot of weep-inducing shit. Nothing like love letters from people who no longer love you…or cards from people who are dead. Needless to say, that took much longer than it should have.
6. Socializing: 4 hours of grabbing free pizza at Two Boots followed by too many beers (and Ass Juice shots!) at Double Down.
Another fine day! (Fuck it. I’m gonna be chirpy!)