Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

I got home last night. And not a moment too soon! I have many ideas percolating and loads of things to accomplish, including taking down my Christmas tree. For now, some random thoughts:

San Francisco…
• The perfect place for sparkly old broads.
• So much sun and blue sky it makes me want to smack someone.
• Totally overrun by self-righteous bicyclists. One guy was weaving down Valencia Street, at night, no light, practically taunting me to run him down. Dude, bike vs. car? Car wins! Idiot. Use the fucking bike lane. And get a light! Grrr….
• Having to DRIVE everywhere is literally a buzzkill. Even within the city, it’s difficult not to drink and drive. Cabs are impossible to find (most places) and when you call them, sometimes they don’t even show up. Parking is so hard to find (also, most places) it makes having a (somewhat necessary) car even more inconvenient. Making me SO glad to be living in NYC!

How did my bank account balance get so low? And why the hell did my bank decide to start charging me $10 a month if my balance falls below $1500? Again, the poor get penalized… I am literally overcome by my bills. I owe thousands of dollars that I simply don’t have. It sure would be great to get ahead. Or at least be breaking even.

Family can be really depressing. If you have friends who are negative or otherwise bring you down, you can phase them out of your life. Though I suppose the same could be said for family, it isn’t quite as easy or even a viable long-term solution. My mom can be so difficult to spend time with. All she talks about is my sister’s divorce — or my cousin’s. Doom and goddamn gloom.

I made name stickers for my sister’s kids in Sign Shop and she actually put them on the kids’ doors! In her brand new, freshly renovated million dollar Presidio Heights home! AWESOME!

I’m really grateful for my health. And even more happy that I don’t suffer from insomnia! Not being able to sleep sounds miserable. My bed is so comfortable, my plushy Cashmina sheets are so snuggly and my adorable dog is such good company, I love going to bed! And I’ve felt blissfully sleepy doing so recently. Mmm!

My two most recent emails on OKCupid? Hilarious!

hello sweet mature tall thunder ! [Tal]l thunder? That’s almost as awesome as “really shiny”!!!]
your smile is a refreshing breeze and made me soft . [Uh, SOFT? I don’t think “soft” is a good thing…]
would like to know you a little more if its ok for you ……… 
wish you a week as lovely as your irresistable smile ! 
regards from istanbul [Istanbul? Not Constantinople? Isn’t that, like, the definition of “geographically undesirable”?]

sexy body… love the pics. you seem to be a free spirit. would love to hookup 🙂

Awesome. Except this guy is 29 years old. Sigh. And a recent “interests” segment on a SeniorPeopleMeet profile: my grand kids my kids also fishing. Yup, he sounds like a real laugh riot!

Okay, back soon with something more substantial…