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No Pants December: Day 31 and Observations

For the last day of 2011 and my final day of No Pants December, I went for casual instead of fancy. I was headed to a meditation celebration at a hippy-dippy place in Marin and figured I’d be sitting on the floor. They actually had chairs, so I could’ve worn something slightly less loungey but I was happy to be comfortable. I wore my knit patterned tights and black ballet flats with my black go-to skirt. My only nod to the holiday was a sparkly turtleneck I picked up at a thrift shop a year or two ago. I had a blazer that looked almost exactly like this in the ’70s! This was probably the most conservative and low-key ensemble I’ve ever sported on a New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow, it’s pants!

My observations after a month of wearing skirts, dresses and — just a few times — fancy short shorts:
• It’s easier to put on a few pounds wearing looser garments.
• I often felt frumpier in my skirts than I do when I wear pants.
• People seem to think you’re more dressed up in a skirt, even if it’s as easy as putting on sweatpants or pajamas!
• I was just as lazy wearing skirts and dresses as I am when I wear jeans or pants. I pick up what’s lying on the floor (or more accurately, nicely folded or hung up) and go. I tend to go with easy either way.
• My style is decidedly “Grranimals”: black top or bottom paired with a colored top or bottom. If I’m feeling adventurous, perhaps a pattern! I’m just not all that creative when it comes to everyday dressing.
• I tend to only really pay attention to what I’m wearing if I’m going to a party. If it isn’t festive — or a costume — I’m a big ol’ fashion yawn!
• I was doing this No Pants December experiment in support of my friend Amber and her NO PANTS 2011 project. She has WAY more skirts than I do! And they’re all really interesting skirts. I discovered that most of my non-pants wardrobe is…costumery. And I don’t mean costumery in the “fun” or “frivolous” or even “creative” sense of the word. I mean full-on costumes: tutus or otherwise tulle, too short or too tight, blindingly silver or too-shiny latex, too-sexy see-through, and all manner of totally inappropriate for even the most impractical everyday wear.
• Wearing only skirts or dresses reminded me of elementary school, when we weren’t allowed to wear pants. (Yes I know, it was the dark ages!)
• Doing this would’ve been way easier in the summer!

I may add more to this as additional thoughts arise. For now I leave you with my friend Amber’s NO PANTS blog, where she decided to start the new year in a skirt. Keep up with her to see if she keeps her promise to go through 2012 wearing only pants she’s made herself. My bet is both that she’ll succeed at sporting her own creations and set a few new style trends!