No Pants December: Day 30

The dog ate those little silica gel beads; I spent the day either in the vet’s office or resting with her on the couch, post-induced-puking. Sigh. I did, however, go out to dinner with my mom and one of her friends to a very nice restaurant: The Panama Hotel. I wore a re-run of the other night’s ensemble: black eyelet skirt, flowered shirt and Fluevogs. This time I topped it off with the red sweater jacket and my Mongolian lamb scarf. Needless to say, I was one of the best dressed people there. In Marin, apparently Tevas are elegant footwear and shorts (shorts?!) are acceptable after dark. In the winter. On a man most definitely over 50. Fuckin’ hippies.

Visit my friend Amber’s NO PANTS 2011 blog.


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