Daily Archives: December 29, 2011

No Pants December: Day 29

Oh boy! A chance to dress up for a party! (And wear something other than my “go-to” skirt or dirty laundry!) Yes, a friend was hosting a holiday fete and I had a festive ensemble at the ready: my silver Gap skirt, sparkly tights and a shirt my mom got for Christmas that she’d never wear. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly my style either but it was sparkly! With awesome bead trim! And sexy. So I rocked that with all the other twinkle and finished off the look with my silver ballet flats. It was a house party and to say I was overdressed is an understatement. The hostess was in an eco-friendly sustainable fiber dress. Just about everyone else was in jeans. Oh well, as The Baroness says, “Any occasion to dress is an occasion to overdress!”

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