Daily Archives: December 28, 2011

No Pants December: Day 28

I actually donned not one but two different ensembles today! (Though not simultaneously…) I know, that doesn’t make up for all the instances of wearing dirty laundry or the same thing as the day before. What can I say? Anyway… My plans were to take the puppy for her first grooming and maybe do a bit more thrift shopping. Nothing major. For that I threw on my patterned knit tights (they were clean, I tell you!) and the crazy zebra striped knit dress I picked up at an Ann Taylor outlet mall shop a few years ago. Technically it was a very black and white outfit but I sure felt colorful!

When I got a text from my friend Robin asking if I was going to Lily’s birthday party, I told her I hadn’t received an invitation. She forwarded me the info; it wasn’t a private event so I decided to drag my ass out and attend. I showered and chose a black cotton, A-line eyelet skirt from my closet here, one I found at the Black Rock Boutique; I take it with me to the desert but don’t love it enough to transport it to NYC. (Not to mention that I have, like, 100 black skirts back home, even if most of them are balled up in a Space Bag!) I broke up all the black by pairing it with a shirt I’d also left behind: black with a subtle blue, olive and burgundy flower pattern. I believe it was once Dicie’s, a hand-me-down from one of our many clothing swaps. I’d worn it plenty of times in Manhattan so decided to give it some west coast exposure. Ensuring the outfit was properly DPW I put on my plain black tights and my Fluevogs; can’t rock the ballet flats around a burn barrel! It sure was great to get out of the house and hang with someone other than family.

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